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Screening and Credentialing

We use a rigorous screening and credentialing process to ensure that the Registered Nurses and Allied Healthcare professionals we send to your facility are in compliance with our guidelines, which include:
  • In-depth phone interviews with each candidate
  • Complete rebuilding of each healthcare professional's resume, to ensure the recruiter has in-depth knowledge of the employee's experience
  • Verification of academic credentials, employment history, professional licensure, and certifications
  • Requirement of a minimum of one (1) year experience in their specified clinical setting
  • Minimum of two (2) verbal and written references from recent employers
  • Completion of a comprehensive skills assessment
  • Completion of a registration form that includes pre-employment questions relating to such issues as criminal background, employment eligibility, licensure status, and other relevant subjects
After we complete the screening processing, we review open assignments with the healthcare professional and clear them based on several factors, including required experience, location, assignment length, and other criteria that determine if they're the right fit.

After a healthcare professional accepts an assignment, we procure additional information, including at minimum: a successful physical examination, a criminal background investigation, a minimum 10-panel drug screening, competency exams, and all health-related screening.

Upon completing this rigorous process, we are fully confident that we have the right candidate for a specific assignment, and you will be assured of that too.

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