Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes are FlexCare travelers who go above and beyond to give their time and expertise to those in need or who pursue the traveler life with a passion and spread goodwill wherever they go.


Healthcare Heroes: Travel Nurse Couple Provides Aid to Venezuelans Fleeing Civil Unrest

Initially, paying off student loans while seeing other parts of the country is what motivated Jared (ICU RN) and Danielle (PCU RN) towards the idea of travel nursing. However, the travel couple quickly realized the flexibility of the career would also allow them to pursue their passion for helping others.

Healthcare Hero: A Generous Heart Powers This Travel Nurse

CVICU RN, Ryan “Henry” Beseda, has been with FlexCare since 2016 and is currently in Idaho on his twelfth assignment. What’s even more admirable than Henry’s assignment count is the number of medical mission trips he's taken.


As a PACU RN, Henry has been traveling to Guatemala up to three times per year since 2013 on a medical mission to serve the country’s neediest population. His most recent trip took place in early May where he served with Health Talents International.


Travel Nurse Goes to Great Lengths to Comfort Patients

FlexCare nurse hero, Pamela

For this year’s Nurses Week, we received many impressive stories featuring our superhero nurses. Although the celebratory week may be over, we want to continue to share the extraordinary work performed by our FlexCare Family of nurses – starting with this bittersweet story.  


In a time of tragedy, this travel nurse took matters into her own hands to console a patient as best she could – because she knew no one else would.


Healthcare Heroes 2019: Mission Impossible? Not for this Travel Nurse

Travel nurse hero

It’s always difficult to choose our Nurse Hero, and this year was no exception. We had countless stories of travel nurses who saved lives under extreme circumstances, donated their time and expertise to people in need, and inspired us all to be better humans. But one story stood out because of the risk involved in pursuit of a better life for others, and it’s why we chose Paige, ER RN, as FlexCare's 2019 Greatest Nurse Hero.


Paige just returned from a medical mission to Iraq and Turkey, accompanying a physician she met during a recent assignment.

Healthcare Heroes 2019: Travel Nurse Uses Free Time to Give Back

FlexCare nurse and award winner Karen H

Karen, PCU RN, has been working with FlexCare since 2016 and is the recipient of our 2019 Community Impact Award. Karen is giving back in ways that inspire others and leave a lasting impression on those around her.


Currently on FlexCare assignment number 18, Karen has worked in seven states since joining the FlexCare family as a travel nurse. Her assignments have taken her to North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Massachusetts, Maine, and Florida!


Healthcare Heroes 2019: Positive Attitude and an RV Equals a Great Travel Nurse Life

Healthcare Hero Award: this travel nurse knows adventure

Christopher, an ICU RN, has been named FlexCare's 2019 Greatest Adventurer! What makes Christopher our top Adventurer? He embraces the travel nurse lifestyle and seeks memorable adventures not just in the assignments he chooses, but also in his free time. Living in an RV, moving around California, traveling every chance he gets (even taking dramatic videos with his drone), and spreading good vibes along the way makes Christopher our hands-down favorite!


Healthcare Heroes 2019: Sharing the Travel Nurse Experience With Others

At FlexCare, we believe there's no better way to encourage nurses to choose a career as a travel nurse than through a referral. Stephanie (shown here on the right), a CVICU RN from Florida, is being honored as FlexCare's 2019 Greatest Family Member for sending her recruiter the most completed referrals for 2018.


Healthcare Heroes 2019: FlexCare Road Warrior Logs Five States in 2018

2019 Healthcare Heroes Award Road Warrior

Michael, a Med/Surg RN from South Carolina, has more than earned the FlexCare 2019 Road Warrior Award. A FlexCare Road Warrior is a nurse who has logged the most assignments and miles in the previous year, and this travel nurse embraced the road trip lifestyle.


Michael traveled to five states in 2018, starting out in North Carolina. He then headed west to Arizona and Texas, then back to the East Coast with an assignment in New Hampshire, and then Maryland. Whew!