Traveler Stories

Tuesday Traveler: Free-Spirited Travel Nurse Calls Bus Her Home

For Med/Surg RN, Katie P., travel nursing is the best way to live out her dream.  


Katie shared with us that she loves her job and wants to be able to see the world without quitting work. A career in travel nursing allows her to fine tune her nursing skills and explore her desired path along the way.  


Nomadic Lifestyle


Travel Nurse Adventures in the OR and Around the World

FlexCare travel nurse Shayla

Shayla J., an OR travel nurse, seizes the opportunity to visit places she’s always wanted to go – it’s what she loves most about travel nursing.


“I get to step outside of my comfort zone,” said Shayla. “I can take on each new adventure and see exactly what I’m capable of doing.”


This veteran nurse is currently on her fifth assignment with FlexCare and has worked in over 20 unique facilities. Shayla shared that her job isn’t for everyone but she’s grateful that she found her calling quickly as a circulator.


Traveler's Loss Leads to Generous Gift From Coworkers

For some travel nurses, all their wordly possessions go with them from assignment to assignment. ICU RN, Mark G., is just such a traveler and recently experienced every traveler’s worst nightmare while on assignment in Washington, D.C.


The travel nurse’s cargo trailer with all his possessions was vandalized and all the contents stolen from a secure storage facility. The culprits took everything, leaving Mark with only a few personal items.


Tuesday Traveler: Bailey's Natural Wanderlust - Nationwide and Overseas

travel nurse Bailey

“I love traveling, seeing different cities and cultures. When you’re there for three months you really get to experience it like a local – not like when you’re on vacation. You really get to know the people and their way of life. Even though you’re traveling within the same country, every city has a different vibe. I like experiencing all of that.”


Bailey C., a Stepdown RN, has been with FlexCare since early 2018 and is currently on her eighth assignment. Her love for travel coincides perfectly with her career as a travel nurse.

Tuesday Traveler: Elizabeth Became the Nurse She Always Wanted to Be

travel nurse enjoying a scenic view

“Travel nursing made me rediscover my passion and love as a PICU nurse at a time where the flame was burning very low.” Elizabeth, PICU RN                


FlexCare traveler and Pediatric ICU RN, Elizabeth C, took the leap to become a travel nurse and quickly realized the many benefits of this new career and lifestyle.


Christine Never Starts New Travel RN Job Without This

Travel nurse hiking in Arizona

Christine, a FlexCare Med-Surg/Tele RN and recent featured Tuesday Traveler, doesn't have challenges finding the good in each assignment. Currently working in Arizona, Christine is not shy about grabbing her camera to explore an area. Her motto, "Life is an adventure. Take risks," is the epitome of a positive traveler mindset. We caught up with her to find out why she decided on this career and what she believes is something she must bring with her on any assignment.

Tuesday Traveler: Madison Embraces Travel Nurse Life

travel nurse with hot air balloon

The most successful travelers are those who can embrace adventure, go with the flow, and forge relationships with people they meet along the way. Making the leap to become a traveler takes a ton of guts and an absolute faith in your skills, but the rewards are plentiful.

We share stories about our nurse and allied travelers to provide a glimpse into the unique lifestyle. Like everything, the experience of being a traveler is whatever you make of it.