Traveler Stories

Christine Never Starts New Travel RN Job Without This

Travel nurse hiking in Arizona

Christine, a FlexCare Med-Surg/Tele RN and recent featured Tuesday Traveler, doesn't have challenges finding the good in each assignment. Currently working in Arizona, Christine is not shy about grabbing her camera to explore an area. Her motto, "Life is an adventure. Take risks," is the epitome of a positive traveler mindset. We caught up with her to find out why she decided on this career and what she believes is something she must bring with her on any assignment.

Tuesday Traveler: Madison Embraces Travel Nurse Life

travel nurse with hot air balloon

The most successful travelers are those who can embrace adventure, go with the flow, and forge relationships with people they meet along the way. Making the leap to become a traveler takes a ton of guts and an absolute faith in your skills, but the rewards are plentiful.

We share stories about our nurse and allied travelers to provide a glimpse into the unique lifestyle. Like everything, the experience of being a traveler is whatever you make of it. 


FlexCare Travel Nurse Finds His True Calling

The life of a travel nurse is nomadic, to say the least, but it's also very busy, so when we get the opportunity to hear directly from one of our nurses, we love to pass along their wisdom to our community.

We caught up recently with FlexCare traveler Ryan and his dog Solo. Ryan is currently on assignment in the Northern California town of Fort Bragg - an ideal setting for a new traveler. If you're considering a career as a travel nurse, read Ryan's story and find how he makes it work and what he believes is essential to embrace as a traveler.


An RV, three kids, and two cats equal one great life

Travel nurse family visits FlexCare home office

If there's one thing we love at FlexCare it's the opportunity to spend time with our travelers, so when we heard that Justin, a FlexCare nurse, and his family were in town, we jumped at the chance to meet them and find out how these Michigan natives make a home on the road.


What we discovered about this exceptional family of five is that a healthy sense of adventure and shared experiences more than make up for the lack of “stuff” that most of us accumulate. In addition, traveling with the kiddos is much easier now that most states offer K-12 classes online.


Laura and Tommy: Making the most of life as a nurse travel team

FlexCare nurse travel team with their dog

Meet Laura and Tommy – and their adorable dog Meatball – a team of travel nurses who met while working at a Level I Trauma Center. Three years ago they decided to become a travel team with FlexCare Medical Staffing, so we asked this dynamic duo a few questions about their experience as travel nurses and they generously offered to share their story. To read about their life together is to better understand

My Most Memorable Patient

my most memorable patient

While I no longer remember her name, I will never forget her face. And, I will never forget the family that was at her bedside that day.

By far the most memorable patient I have ever had, was the only one that literally passed away right before my eyes. That moment when she took her very last breath with her husband at her bedside holding her hand will stay with me for a lifetime.

...a stop along the way

a travel nurse's journey to nevada

Jacquelyn is on her first assignment as a travel nurse. The experience led her to write the following message to her recruiter, Kristina. Her account is creative, authentic, and important to share with other travelers, so we decided to publish it in its entirety - without editing or formatting modifications - and  the author graciously gave us permission.

The views expressed here are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of FlexCare Medical Staffing.


What I Learned from My First Assignment

Traveling Nurse Assignments

Sally Keskey Before I jumped into travel nursing I was given a temporary assignment performing physicals in a corporate setting. Not sure what I was getting into but wanting the compensation while I sorted out a longer assignment, I agreed to the gig and headed to work. What I realized immediately is that my nursing professors were right: there really are thousands of ways to be a nurse.