Traveler Wellness

Self Care Tips for Travelers

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Working in healthcare can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience but it also has its challenges.  Long shifts without enough breaks, heavy patient loads, workplace incivility and moral distress are just some of the challenges. 


While healthcare facilities do have a responsibility to ensure good working conditions to minimize challenges in the workplace, you can and should help yourself to be resilient to these challenges by identifying and practicing consistent self-care that works best for you. 


Why is self-care important?

The art of the travel nurse means freedom from clutter

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How many items of clothing do you own? 400? 500? If we add shoes to that list does it double your count?

If you’re considering becoming a travel nurse, either you’ve already thought about embracing minimalism (though you may not have called it that), or you’re trying to figure out how you will manage your personal belongings – an exercise that inevitably leads one to question how they ended up with so many possessions.

You are not alone.

Favorite Days on the Job

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Busy days. Stressful days. Days that fly by in the blink of an eye. Sad days. Being a nurse requires you to be ready for whatever type of day is thrown your way. You honestly never know for sure what you will be dealing with or walking into when you show up at the hospital for your shift. Every nurse has their preference for what they consider their favorite days on the job. – Miranda Blecher, Guest Blogger

Do Nurses Get Sick Less Often?

Do Nurses get Sick

When cold and flu season sets in (right about now), my non-nursing friends are keen to ask me how on earth we nurses manage to avoid getting sick when we’re literally surround by sick people, not to mention their bodily fluids, every single day. I tend to inform them that this is just another reason nurses are a cut above the rest; we’ve got immune systems made of steel and strong stomachs to match. But, that doesn’t really answer their question, especially if they’re hoping for a few tips for themselves. So do nurses get sick less often?