3 BBQ Spots that are a MUST while you are in Houston

BBQ Spots for Traveling Nurses

There is only one thing we can think of after a 12-hour shift. Food. More specifically delicious Houston barbecue. Put the nursing shoes in the car, leave the skinny jeans at home and put on some joggers and a bib. It is time to feast!

Jackson Street BBQ
Jackson Street BBQ is actually the most delicious barbecue in the world, let alone Houston. This BBQ joint has a star studded cast of restaurateurs that has delivered on flavor. The usual suspects like brisket, ribs, chicken and in house sausage are available but, some more unique looking dishes like fried mac and cheese, dirty fried rice, and more are a delicious twist on barbecue classics. After a ridiculously long day, sometimes barbecue (and a bottle of Pinot Noir) is the only answer.

Gatlins’ BBQ
If you want the best ribs you’ve ever had in your life look no farther than Gatlin’s BBQ. Gatlin’s cares not what kind of ribs you want, St. Louis, Short ribs, baby-back… It is all out of this world delicious Our only advice is don’t go here on a first date, things get a little messy.

Killen’s Barbecue
“The best barbecue, period” Those aren’t our words, they are owner Ronnie Killen words. If you want good ol’ fashion Texas barbecue but, in an air conditioned setting then Killen’s is the place for you. While this joint is outside of Houston proper it is still worth the drive for Killen’s mouth watering barbecue. The line is usually 30-60 minutes long so be prepared to wait but, the wait is always worth it.

Do you have a favorite barbecue spot outside of Houston that you think rivals with these? Let us know!