6 Reasons to Start In Travel Nursing

travel nursing

Have you been wondering what travel nursing is all about and if it's the right choice for you? Personally, we think it's always the right choice, but we suspect you'll need a little more to go on than that, so here are six reasons why you should start in travel nursing today.

1) Opportunity to See New Places - If you've got a little bit of wanderlust in your blood but aren't interested in or ready for a full-on move, travel nursing is the perfect opportunity to live somewhere new for a little while. This is an especially great opportunity if you'd like to take up temporary residence in a big city or a completely different environment than you're used to. You might love it, you might be happy to get back home, but you won't know until you try!

2) Life's an Adventure - Life's too short to sit on the sidelines and miss out on the things you'd really love to do. If you've always wanted to travel but been too nervous to do it without a plan, here's your plan! Travel nursing matches you with an assignment doing what you love and you get to explore new places while you do it. It's a little bit of a risk, but you're not jumping without a parachute. Enjoy the ride!

3) The Pay's Great - When you work with the right travel nursing agency, you can make really great pay. Here at FlexCare, we work directly with healthcare facilities and nurses so we can offer the maximum offered pay for the position every time, with no negotiation on your part. Worth it!

4) Try Out a Different Position - You've been happy with your nursing job, but you're wondering what else is out there. Would you be an even better fit somewhere else? When you become a travel nurse, you can find out. Visit different facilities and see how different staffs operate. Find the right job and location for you! If a work dynamic isn't working out very well, travel nursing means your assignment is temporary and you can try something different next time. Things will never get stale!

5) Challenge Yourself -Nursing has always been a competitive career and it's likely you still have a touch of fighter's spirit in you even after nursing school's over. Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to take on new challenges and grow as a person and a professional. You'll learn how to work with a new team, build new skill sets, learn new approaches, and push yourself further than you ever imagined. In the end, you'll be an even better nurse!

6) Make Lasting Connections - Travel nursing will likely take you all over the country and you'll meet dozens (or even hundreds!) of people with whom you'll share a lasting bond. Other travel nurses, doctors, hospital staff, administration, and so many more. There's a certain kinship that comes with people in the same circumstance, and you may end up with multiple "families" in several different places. These are the people you can connect with in a new place or touch base with if you decide to make a permanent move. You may find you have favorite assignment locations because you always have a friend to lean on there!

These are only a handful of reasons nurses just like you decide to become a travel nurse. Feel free to browse our job listings to see what's out there. We also do featured blog posts on specific locations to give you a little taste of what you'll find there, so feel free to look around the blog. Reach out to us any time for more information!