Bring It 2017

Travel Nursing To-Dos

All of us here at FlexCare had a wonderful holiday season, and now we're refreshed and ready to tackle all the challenges 2017 has in store. There are bound to be some big changes in our world this year, so we are committed to remaining flexible and optimistic. In order to best serve our nurses and staff, we're looking forward to continue making our successful programs ever enhanced. As always, we'll continue to deliver Travel Nursing Done Better.

One of our standout programs, a pillar of our company philosophy, is MaxPay -- our promise to make sure our nurses get the maximum offered pay, every time, without negotiation. In 2017, we'll be looking to strengthen MaxPay by forging even stronger relationships with hospitals and healthcare centers all over the country. These relationships are already strong because we work to match the best nurses with the best positions, fulfilling our promise on both ends. When we forge these relationships, we're able to work directly with a facility to get the best pay for an available position. Then we offer it to our nurses, as is, with no cut taken out. We plan on continuing to offer top pay to our nurses, wherever they go.

For our HealthCare partners, we promise to continue recruiting and placing the nation's best travel nurses. With our great programs, we're able to attract great talent. Finding the right fit is incredibly important. Our travel nurses pick up assignments all over the country, and for facilities that need help fast due to an emergency or loss of staff, we are always improving on our ExpressCare service, which places healthcare professionals in 72 hours or less. For 2017, we'll be growing our recruitment and as always, seeking the best nurses for the right positions.

Internally, the coming year will bring lots of opportunities to make our energetic and friendly workplace even more enjoyable for our recruiters and other staff. We recently moved into a larger space. More space means more hard work and more fun. We've always been a happy-go-lucky bunch dedicated to teamwork, and we're always exploring ways to better our workflow and client services without losing focus on what's important: the people that make the company work. This year, we'll find plenty of new ways to keep everyone motivated, happy and full of energy.

Happy recruiters mean happy nurses, and that's vital when you're working with your S1nglePoint of contact. If we can make everyone's experience a pleasant one on every possible front, we'll have done our job well.

Enough about us. What are your travel nursing goals for the year?