Favorite Days on the Job

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Busy days. Stressful days. Days that fly by in the blink of an eye. Sad days. Being a nurse requires you to be ready for whatever type of day is thrown your way. You honestly never know for sure what you will be dealing with or walking into when you show up at the hospital for your shift. Every nurse has their preference for what they consider their favorite days on the job. – Miranda Blecher, Guest Blogger

The busy day, favorite days.
It takes a certain personality to enjoy the frenetic pace that often accompanies nursing in certain departments. If you want your shift to go by in the blink of an eye, if you want to work hard and don’t enjoy a lot of down time then you might talk with your recruiter to find a position in a busy department of a hospital. Maybe it’s the only Level 1 trauma center in the region, or perhaps they are the only hospital in the town with a Cath Lab so they see all of the patients. If you want busy do the research to find busy before you accept your assignment.

Stressful day, favorite days.
There aren’t many people who would start a conversation saying my favorite thing is “stress,” but there are a lot of people who enjoy the quick pace and think on your feet nature of nursing jobs in the ER. Equally stressful, but not always at the same constant pace, are ICU positions where the nurses are providing critical care. Maybe it’s not the stress that feeds you, but the result of being stressed? Making an immediate, tangible difference in your patient’s life. Can you isolate the feeling that drives your favorite days and tie it back to specific work?

Sad day, favorite days.
Another way people don’t often talk about their favorite days at work is by talking about sadness. But maybe it’s the emotion that again is tied most closely to the work that really feeds you. When you are emotionally connected to your patients, when you are really feeling their story, when you are rallying behind their progress and truly feeling their setbacks, you might feel like your work is really making a difference. Finding an assignment in a department that amplifies this, like Oncology, might be the right path.

The next time you talk about your favorite days at work don’t shy away from the reality of what nursing is. Caretaking and lifesaving is hard, hard work. And while you may find yourself driven and motivated by the more rosy aspects of nursing, busy, stressful, sad days happen for all nurses in all departments and some nurses really need those emotions to thrive. What makes your favorite days of nursing?