FlexCare is “travel nursing done better”

Author: Kristen Clark
History of FlexCare

When nurses decide to take their first travel assignment, they put their future in the hands of a recruiter, so trust must be the foundation of the relationship. All of us at FlexCare take that responsibility seriously. It started from our humble beginning back in 2006 when we decided to shake things up and do travel nursing better than anyone else.

Back in those early days it was just four people sharing a tiny office space and using “ancient” tools like poster boards on the wall and literally shouting out when a nurse got the assignment they had wanted. At that point, we knew we were onto something. The focus to be different – and better – than other staffing companies led us to offer:

  • The highest pay package possible without nurses having to go through the hassle of negotiating
  • A single point of contact so nurses would have a more personal connection
  • The most qualified and dedicated nurses matched to some of the best facilities and locations

Slowly but surely FlexCare grew into one of the most recognized companies within the travel nursing field (1,165 reviews and counting!), building strong and equitable relationships with our nurses and facilities along the way. As Linsey, a FlexCare travel nurse said, “You guys made my first travel assignment amazing!” That only happens when everyone is aligned with a common goal.

But who are we, really?

We are the people who answer the phone when a nurse has questions, no matter when it is. With S1NGLEPOINT recruiters, we offer one point of contact for each nurse – that means there is one person who takes care of all the assignment details and questions – no shuffling around from department to department. Each recruiter cares deeply about their nurses and is knowledgeable about the process, the challenges, and the facilities – and they have team leaders to help whenever they need guidance.


“You guys made my first travel assignment amazing!”
- Linsey B., Nursery RN


From account managers who maintain relationships with the hospitals we serve, to the business development team constantly working on building new connections with facilities around the country, FlexCare strives to offer even more opportunities for our nurses in some of the best locations. Every day we work together to make improvements while finding ways to make it easier for the nurses and hospitals we serve to be more successful. It all comes together like a well-oiled machine.

But FlexCare would not be successful if we didn’t take as much pride in caring for our internal staff as we do our nurses. How can we expect to keep our nurses happy if our staff isn’t happy? From quarterly team building events to semi-annual leadership seminars and monthly lunches, we strongly believe there is a correlation between happy and hardworking employees and overall success. As one of our employees said recently,


“When you work for FlexCare you are truly joining a family of professionals dedicated to improving and enhancing our industry. It’s a pleasure to work for a company that treats each employee as a unique individual and not a number. In my 15+ years in the workforce, I have not worked for a more dedicated, fun, charismatic company other than FlexCare Medical Staffing.” 
– Michael Elm, Business Development Manager


Come and visit us!

Some of my personal favorite moments at FlexCare come from the nurses who visit our office (please stop by any time you’re in town!). It’s priceless to see their surprised expressions as they experience our environment: laid back and fun, yet high-energy and loud! Between the sound of voices on a call, the mini one-on-ones if someone’s having a challenging day, or the banging of the gong when a recruiter successfully gets a nurse into their dream contract, there is never a dull moment around here. So, if you’re a nurse thinking about traveling, come and join us. And when you’re on assignment, send us some pictures!

I hope you’re feelin’ the love because we most certainly love what we do, what we’re working towards, and who we work for. It truly is a one-of-a-kind FlexCare family.