It’s Only 13 Weeks

only 13 weeks

Travel nursing is an interesting and exciting profession, allowing you to travel all over and learn more than you ever could in one place. It's a fascinating life and many nurses prefer it over a local position. Still, if you've never done it before, it can be intimidating. How do you stay away from home for weeks or months at a time? What if you don't know anyone? What if your living situation is less than ideal, or you don't get along with the staff, or the assignment location is not to your liking? How do you cope?

It's normal to feel this way. If you haven't done a lot of solo traveling before, taking on something like travel nursing is unfamiliar and a little scary. Here's a bit of advice to keep in mind when you're feeling nervous: some assignments are only 13 weeks long. It's not forever. You can do anything for 13 weeks! You made it through nursing school and training, and you can do this, too.

One of the greatest things about travel nursing is traveling gives you great experience and opportunities to improve and advance, rather than staying stagnant in one location. Better yet, you're going where you're needed, and you're always needed.

Hospitals work with travel nurses because they know they're getting experienced, flexible nurses who work well in a variety of environments. Getting that experience has to start somewhere, and that means taking the first leap. If your first assignment is making you nervous, just remember that you're starting on a great journey that's going to help you achieve your goals and see places you might never get to see otherwise.

To take some of the pressure off, working with an agency like us (FlexCare) gives you a great support system. You'll work with a single point of contact that knows you by name and can match you with assignments that are the best fit for both you and the hospital. They'll set you up with the position and give recommendations for housing, negotiate the highest possible pay for the position, and give you tips about the area so you feel confident.

Even if you're homesick, even if the location isn't the best fit, even if things don't quite click, you don't have to stick it out forever. 13 weeks.

Remember: you've made it this far... you can do anything for 13 weeks! If travel nursing has been in the back of your mind for a while, now's the time to take the leap! You miss all the chances you don't take, and all that. We'll be here when you need us