Making Decisions

making decisions

Sometimes it seems like your path is paved before you and you know exactly where to go and how to get there. Other times it’s a little less clear. You have an idea or a place you want to be, but if you are making a big change and you aren’t sure about it, what are some tools to make the decision making process easier?

The Classics
A pros and cons list. Sure it’s been done forever, but it really does help organize your thoughts and come to decisions. Just make sure you are being honest and really developing both sides of the list.
Talking with a friend or mentor. Who knows you best? Or who has always been completely honest with you, even when it’s hard? Seek that person out for a coffee therapy session where you can talk through the decision and what it all means.

More Involved
Decision mapping. This is done by essentially creating a tree diagram. Map the various decisions and then walk through where it takes you. You can apply different qualifiers to help you get to the right end decision. Maybe it’s the funds involved – for a employment position it might be what the cost is, but also what the benefit is (in dollars and other intangible benefits like happiness, or loneliness or growth).

Vision boards. Create some space from the specific decision you are trying to make and instead focus on some big picture work. Create a vision board of what you working towards, is your world pretty awesome right now? Do you have all the pieces in place already? Or maybe you are seeking adventure, change for change sake or career development? Find visuals or words that articulate what you are seeking and when that is complete take the decision you are trying to make and see if it furthers your cause of making the vision happen.

Fun and Light
Random selection. You might not want to leave a big decision up to chance, or then again maybe it’s the right way to push your direction! Easiest ways to accomplish this? Flip a coin, throw a dart or draw out of a hat. The key with this process is really embracing the randomness of it all, it’s a true practice in letting go and letting the universe guide you.

Trust your gut. Okay, this isn’t really a tool, but it’s a good reminder. Ultimately you probably know what the right decision is. You came down the path for a reason, now sit back, drown out the chatter from all of your loved ones, unplug, stop doing google searches and have a real heart to heart with yourself.

What decision did you just make and how’d you get there?