Trying Something New

Travel Nursing

Does it ever seem like some people are wired for change while others resist every step? When you think about Travel Nursing you may think it’s only full of those who find change exhilarating and exciting. While those might be the nurses that fall into the role easily, Travel Nursing is also an industry full of those who push through their nerves and fears and become Travel Nurses to drive themselves in new ways.

Are you thinking about taking the leap but unsure about your adaptability to change?

Here are 3 reasons why you should push through your resistance and have the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s good to be scared.

We aren’t telling you to do something that makes you nervous all the time, everyday, or to put yourself in a dangerous position, but sometimes great growth comes from our most uncomfortable moments. If you are comfortable and excel with routine and monotony, what will happen if you challenge yourself with a new location, new job and maybe even a new department? You will likely be surprised how changing can help you grow – figuring out what you want and often what you don’t want.

Take a practice run.

Have you been working in the same department for years? Or maybe you really want to give the ER a go, or Labor and Delivery. Travel Nursing can be a great way to give a new department a shot without a long-term commitment. Yes, that means more change, and possibly on a short timeline, but it might be the way to get the experience you need to know if you want to make a long term shift on your career focus. It’s also a great way to build up your ability to tolerate change and really work collaboratively. Real life, real world examples of coming in as a Travel Nurse to an already existing team, integrating into existing systems and making an impact are the type of resume and career builders that can really set you apart from the pack.

Gain some new perspective.

Are you looking out the same window, or eating breakfast at the same table? It might be the perfect place to be, or maybe it’s time to change your angle and your surroundings by living in a new place and trying something new. You know that old saying the grass in greener? How are you going to know if it really is greener unless you go and check it out.

Create some memories.

Sometimes a short adventure leads to big changes. Who knows, you may be sitting back in your sixties telling your kids about a travel nursing gig you took in New York and how it shaped the rest of your life. Or maybe, you’ll just be telling them a quick story about a small 13 week blip in your career that took you to a new place. Either way we’ll bet your foray into Travel Nursing will result in some great stories to share.

What are some other reasons you pushed through your nerves and took the leap?