What to Do on Your Day Off While Travel Nursing

Travel Nurse Days Off

Travel nursing is life-changing -- you get to see new places, experience different working environments, learn to work with a variety of people and so much more. However, it can be a little tough to go on assignment to an unfamiliar place. We've written before on how you can meet new people and socialize, but once you have people to do things with, what should you do? How can you find activities when you're in a totally new place?

Ask the locals what they recommend. Nobody knows the area better than the people who live there full time, so ask them what they think. Consider what you like to do and ask them for their recommendations. Where's a good place to go running? Best movie theater? Great place to go for happy hour? Upcoming festivals or local events? Ask around.

Look for nearby places that cater to your interests. If you like to paint or sculpt, see if there are any local classes. Love working out? Check to see which gyms offer monthly or guest memberships. Keep an eye out around town for posters advertising local concerts or farmer's markets. As a bonus, once you find a good place, you can meet other people who can give you more recommendations!

Let your inner tourist come out. If you were here on a vacation, what might you do? It's likely there's at least one sight to see, from mountains to oceans to museums to landmarks to that building you've always wanted to see.

Release your adventurous side and take a risk. Maybe try hopping on a bus for a day trip, or picking a direction and walking. Try food you've never tried before. If you see a place that looks interesting, stop by and check it out. You could discover interests you never even knew you had!

When you're in a new place, how do you find things to do on your day off?