Why Hospitals Use Travel Nurses

why hospitals use travel nurses

All across the nation, hospitals rely on travel nurses to fill out their staff. There are a variety of reasons to employ travel nurses, from convenience to necessity, and the mutually beneficial relationship is a definite perk. If you're wondering why hospitals choose to hire travel nurses, these are some of their motivations. 1) Travel nurses have great experience. Moving between different hospitals, teams, and situations means they know how to stay on their toes and operate in a variety of environments. They're flexible, quick-thinking, and fast learners. They bring a breath of fresh air to a team without impeding the way the hospital functions. Better yet, many nurses have national certification out of necessity, which means they've done the legwork in order to work anywhere in the country on short notice. 2) They offer extra hands during emergencies. If an area has a nursing strike, national disaster, or other unforeseeable emergency that requires extra staff, travel nurses are an ideal choice. At FlexCare, we offer ExpressCare service, which can dispatch qualified nurses in as little as 72 hours. Finding extra help quickly can be overwhelming and stressful, but travel nurses are always available and ready to jump into the fray. 3) They fill in staffing gaps. If some of your staff has taken a leave of absence or you're short staffed, travel nurses are a perfect stop-gap to keep all the bases covered until the staff is back on its metaphorical (or sometimes literal) feet. Due to the aforementioned flexibility, travel nurses can fit seamlessly into current operations and keep things running smoothly for days, weeks, or even months. 4) They love their job. Nurses choose to travel because they love the work and the range of experiences. No one enjoys being stuck in one position without advancement for too long, and these nurses get to move to different locations and learn new skills from every job. Happy nurses do great work. These are some of the top reasons why hospitals choose to work with travel nurses. Our agency not only matches our nurses with the best hospital positions for their experience and interests, it can also help fill vacancies for other medical professionals. For more information, reach out to us anytime.