Travel Nursing Done Better

You love travel, you love nursing, and you've decided to become a travel nurse so you can seize opportunity by the reins every chance you get. Fantastic! Now what's next? Which staffing company does travel nursing better than the rest?

FlexCare does. We're the most well regarded travel nurse staffing service in the nation, and that's no accident. We abide by one simple philosophy: Travel Nursing Done Better. That’s not just a fancy tagline -- it really is the core of our business. Our program is built around you, which means highly-desired nationwide positions, top pay, and excellent service to ensure you have a great experience. FlexCare is the only staffing company that offers SinglePoint and MaxPay, two features that set us apart from everyone else. No one enjoys being shuffled through multiple departments to make arrangements. It wastes time and raises annoyance levels. That’s why with SinglePoint, you'll always have a single point of contact -- one easy-to-reach person who handles every assignment detail and answers all your questions. They're your new best friend, and like a true friend, they’ve got your back and make sure you're getting the maximum pay possible for every position, every time, no negotiation required – that’s MaxPay.

Let us help you do travel nursing better!

"My recruiter is the finest! Hands down the most personable, kind, hard working recruiter I've seen out there. I love my recruiter so much that my best friend is a recruiter for another facility and I still won't switch :) she is the best and I can tell you one thing, I won't be going with any other agent or agency anytime soon!"

Boston B. - OR RN