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Transparency of the process and integrity in our actions are the defining principles of the travel nursing service we provide. Are you the type of person who likes to know the real facts before making an informed decision about your life and career? Then you'll love working with FlexCare. Our Recruiters provide unbiased, detailed information on every aspect of a travel nurse assignment, including specifics on the hospital, location, compensation, housing and more. You'll be knowledgeable of every little assignment detail before ever being submitted to a travel nursing position. Your Recruiter will give you full disclosure on the status of your job search and continue providing transparent information throughout your entire career with FlexCare. No hidden agendas, no smoke and mirrors; just good people striving for great results.

Discover why FlexCare is the most well regarded travel nurse company in the nation.

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FlexCare is certified by The Joint Commission for Health Care Staffing Services throughout the United States.

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