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Featured FlexCare Traveler | March 2024

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FlexCare Travelers Finding a Home Away From Home

In this month's traveler feature, we shine the spotlight on three remarkable healthcare professionals who have taken the path less traveled, quite literally. Kim, an ORFA Tech; Megan, a globe-trotting clinician; and the adventurous couple Taryn and Luke, Pediatric RNs, share their journeys, experiences, and how FlexCare has been an integral part of their adventures. Their stories are not just about travel nursing; they're about growth, discovery, and the bonds formed along the way. 

Kim, ORFA Tech: A Journey of Growth and Trust

Kim embarked on her travel journey earlier than anticipated, a decision that serendipitously aligned with her life’s path. Over the past 2.5 years, she has embraced every opportunity, relationship, and challenge, leading to significant personal growth. Kim reflects, "From every submittal, every assignment, every friendship, I've realized that 'God is in control.' This journey has shaped me into a better wife, mom, and friend, teaching me the value of not sweating the small stuff." 

For Kim, the essence of travel nursing lies in the friendships that blossom into family. These connections are invaluable and irreplaceable. Her experience with FlexCare has been nothing short of spectacular, attributing much of her success to her recruiter, whom she regards as the best. "I love that I don't have to micromanage him. He listens, acts, and is always there when I need him," she says, praising the support and efficiency that make FlexCare stand out. 

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Megan: Discovering America's Splendor

Megan’s motivation for healthcare traveler was to explore the vast landscapes of the United States, from the golden coasts of California to the historic sites of Massachusetts. Her journey has allowed her to witness the beauty of the country while making each location a piece of her heart. "The best parts of traveling are the places I get to see and the people I meet," Megan shares, highlighting the enriching experiences and connections made along the way. 

Her adventures have also become a shared experience with her parents, who assist in her moves, turning each relocation into a family adventure. Megan credits her seamless experience to Ziggy, her trusted FlexCare recruiter since May 2022, whose dedication has made her travels not just possible but incredibly fulfilling. 

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Taryn and Luke, Pediatric Nurses: A Love Story on the Move

For Taryn and Luke, travel was always a shared passion. After tying the knot in May, they saw no better way to start their married life than exploring the world together. Working with FlexCare has made their dream of travel a reality, thanks to the ease and support provided by their remarkable recruiter, Valerie. "Valerie is amazing and very responsive, making our travel adventures even better," they say, appreciating the hassle-free experience that allows them to focus on their adventures and professional growth. 

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FlexCare: A Family of Travelers

Kim, Megan, Taryn, and Luke represent the spirit of travel nursing — a journey of professional growth, personal discovery, and creating lasting bonds. Their stories underscore the importance of a supportive agency and the crucial role of dedicated recruiters in making travel dreams come true. 

At FlexCare, we take pride in supporting our travelers every step of the way, ensuring they have the best possible experience as they explore, learn, and grow. Our March featured travelers embody the essence of what it means to be part of the FlexCare family: embracing each adventure with open hearts and minds. 

To our featured travelers, thank you for sharing your journeys with us. Your stories inspire and remind us of the beauty of embracing new horizons. Here's to many more adventures on the road less traveled. 

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