Calling All Nurses to Call Your Friends

Thank You For Helping Us Find 600 New Travelers!

It’s no secret in the healthcare world that nurses and other healthcare clinicians are badly needed around the nation. Regardless of whether you are a nurse, therapist, allied clinician, or other healthcare professional on assignment with FlexCare or not, you can still earn a referral bonus! You can use this same process to refer any RN, allied clinician, or therapist.


Refer New Travelers

These are staff nurses who are taking a travel assignment for the first time or who aren’t currently traveling with another travel nurse company.

  • $500 Referral Fee: for referring a new travel nurse who completes a 13-week assignment


Refer Current Travelers

These are nurses who are currently traveling with another staffing company.

  • $1,000 Referral Fee: for referring a travel nurse currently on assignment who rolls over their 13-week assignment from another agency
  • $500 Referral Fee: for referring a travel nurse currently with another agency who accepts a 13-week assignment at a new facility
Goal Met for Referral Goal

Your referral fee will be paid after the traveler completes their 13-week assignment. There is no limit to the amount of referral fees you can qualify for. One year of RN experience is required at the time of submission and most facilities will require at least two years of experience.  In addition, we would love referrals for other specialties, too! 

Refer a Friend