You love the work you do, and we think you deserve to get the maximum pay for your dedication and experience. That's why we created the concept of MaxPay. It's our way of offering you the maximum pay package possible for every position, every time, right from the start.

With MaxPay:

  • You get transparency. If you have questions about your pay package, just ask!
  • There's no need to negotiate because we aren’t holding anything back.
  • We don’t take a higher commission if the hospital’s bill rate is increased. The higher the rate, the more money in your pocket, not ours!
  • Our goals are aligned with yours.

A good relationship starts with transparency and trust. At FlexCare, there is no hassle or stress when it comes to pay. The focus is on finding you the perfect assignment with the pay you deserve.

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"Best recruiter I've ever worked with! Totally goes above and beyond what my expectations are."

Stefani C. – DOU RN