Navigating Tax Season for Healthcare Travelers

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Tax Guide for Travel Healthcare Professionals 

Tax season can be particularly challenging for travel healthcare professionals, including nurses, LVN/LPNs, allied health workers, and therapists. The nature of their work, which often involves moving across state lines for different assignments, introduces unique tax considerations and complexities. This guide highlights some critical tax-related issues travelers face and offers tips for navigating them effectively. It draws on insights from, a resource renowned for its tax expertise for those who live and work across multiple states. While we at FlexCare are not tax professionals, we aim to provide valuable resources to assist our travelers during tax season.  

Understanding Tax Home

One of the most critical concepts for travel healthcare professionals to understand is the idea of a "tax home." Your tax home is essentially your main place of work or business, regardless of where your family home is located. For those constantly on the move, maintaining a tax home can be complex but is crucial for determining how you file your taxes and what deductions you can claim.  

Do I Have to Pay Taxes in Multiple States?

For healthcare travelers working in various states throughout the year, the question of multi-state taxation is pertinent. Generally, you must file tax returns in every state where you earn income, which could mean multiple state tax filings. However, the specifics depend on the states involved, as some have reciprocity agreements or do not impose state income tax. provides detailed guidance on navigating these complexities, ensuring travel nurses, LVN/LPNs, allied health, and therapists can fulfill their tax obligations accurately.  

Understanding Reciprocity Agreements

Reciprocity agreements between states simplify the tax situation for many travel healthcare professionals. Under these agreements, workers pay taxes only in their state of residence, regardless of where they earn their income. For instance, if you live in a state with a reciprocity agreement with the state where you work, you wouldn't have to pay state taxes in the latter. Instead, you would only file a tax return in your home state. This arrangement can significantly reduce the tax filing burden for healthcare travelers who work in multiple states throughout the year. However, providing your employer with the appropriate documentation is essential to ensure correct state tax withholding.  

Reciprocity agreements can vary significantly, and only some tax professionals may know the specifics relevant to multi-state travelers. It's crucial to consult with a tax expert who understands the intricacies of these agreements and can provide advice tailored to your unique situation.  

Avoiding Underpayment or Late Payment Penalties

You must understand estimated tax payments and withholding requirements to sidestep penalties associated with underpayment or late payments. suggests adjusting your withholdings to match your expected tax liability more closely or making quarterly estimated tax payments if necessary. This proactive approach can help avoid unexpected tax bills and penalties at year-end.  

What to Do if Over-Taxed

If you are taxed too heavily, the first step is to review your state tax withholdings and estimated payments. advises ensuring that your employer is correctly withholding taxes for the appropriate state(s). If discrepancies arise, filing for a refund in the state(s) where over-withholding occurred may be necessary.   

Tax season doesn't have to be a source of anxiety for travel healthcare professionals. Proper planning, organization, and the right professional assistance make it possible to navigate tax season efficiently and effectively. By understanding the unique aspects of your tax situation, you can ensure compliance and optimize your financial health, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing essential healthcare services across the country. 

Please note that the insights provided here are for informational purposes only. For personalized tax advice, we strongly recommend consulting with a professional tax advisor who understands the complexities of multi-state taxation for travel nurses, LVN/LPNs, allied health professionals, or therapists.

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