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As we settle into 2024, the podcast universe has expanded exponentially, boasting millions of podcasts across platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. This flourishing medium has revolutionized the way we access information, offering endless opportunities for learning, gaining insights from experts, and personal development. 

For travel nurses, who often find themselves journeying long distances or in need of a break from the monotony of music, podcasts can be a perfect companion. We've consulted with our community of travel nurses at FlexCare to compile a list of current, healthcare-focused podcasts that come highly recommended.  

This Podcast Will Kill You
Join Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke, two disease ecologists and epidemiologists, as they delve into the fascinating world of disease ecology. "This Podcast Will Kill You" brings to life the stories behind epidemics and medical mysteries from across the globe, combining rigorous science with captivating storytelling. 

The Nurse Keith Show
Nurse Keith Carlson brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront in "The Nurse Keith Show," offering insights into nursing careers, professional development, and healthcare trends. This podcast is designed to empower nurses in their personal and professional growth, addressing challenges and opportunities within the nursing profession. 

Travel Nursing & Allied Life
For those immersed in or curious about healthcare travel, "Travel Nursing & Allied Life," presented by TravCon, remains an essential listen. Covering a broad spectrum of topics relevant to travel healthcare professionals, this podcast keeps you informed about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. 

Cup of Nurses
Hosted by ICU nurses Matt and Peter, "Cup of Nurses" is on a mission to impact the world positively. They share their healthcare experiences, focusing on health, wellness, and critical industry updates, providing a comprehensive look at the nursing world. 

Nursing Uncensored
Adrianne Behning, RN, offers an unfiltered glimpse into nursing with "Nursing Uncensored." Mixing humor with serious discussions, this podcast tackles everything nursing, from everyday challenges to advocacy and education, through real-life stories from healthcare professionals. 

Bedside Rounds
Adam Rodman, MD, takes listeners on a journey through the fascinating history of medicine with "Bedside Rounds." Exploring the intellectual, cultural, and social currents that have shaped modern medicine, this podcast uncovers the human stories behind medical advancements. 

The Gritty Nurse Podcast
Amy Varley and Sara Fung, two passionate nurses, host "The Gritty Nurse Podcast." They discuss a variety of topics, from nursing issues to healthcare policy and everything in between, aiming to foster a better understanding of the nursing profession and advocate for positive change. 

Straight A Nursing
Nurse Mo's "Straight A Nursing" remains one of the highest-rated nursing podcasts, offering invaluable tips, clinical wisdom, and inspiration. Nurse Mo simplifies complex nursing topics, making them accessible and actionable for listeners aspiring to excel in their nursing careers. 

Good Nurse Bad Nurse
Tina, a registered nurse with extensive experience in a Level I Trauma Center, hosts "Good Nurse Bad Nurse," a podcast that blends true crime with topical stories to educate, entertain, and inspire medical professionals, highlighting the light and dark sides of healthcare. 

Podcasts offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, making them a fantastic resource for travel nurses on assignment.  

Whether you're new to travel nursing or a seasoned professional, FlexCare is dedicated to supporting you through every step of your journey! 

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