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Tips for Living a Healthier and More Grateful Life

Gratitude Girl
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It’s breathtaking to consider that a simple act of gratitude has the power to influence not only our own lives but the lives of those we engage with every day.

Gratitude has a way of changing us. There’s evidence that expressing gratitude can have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. It’s a phenomenon that we can tap into at any moment, but it also requires us to be present and commit to building deeper relationships.

Take a moment to reflect on a few simple tips that can help you create a healthier and more grateful life. 


Care for yourself. Focus on the things that bring you joy and help you manage stress – that includes getting enough sleep and downtime.


Expand your mind.  Continuously learn. Take an online course, immerse yourself in a new language, take a cooking class, read a classic, travel abroad, give back. Activities like these will teach you something new about yourself and the world.

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Embrace challenges. It’s in those moments that we can celebrate the opportunities we have to be resilient problem-solvers.


Stay Connected. Fight the temptation to isolate. Make friends and family the center of your universe. Get together with fellow travelers or other colleagues, especially during the holiday season, and create new traditions.


Put down the devices. Reducing the amount of time spent on social media will improve your life dramatically. What could you do with an extra hour or two a day?


Allow space for wonder. Delight in everyday miracles and be a shining light for those who might not be feeling it. We all go through difficulties, but resilience can win in the end and should be celebrated.


No matter how you celebrate the holidays, I hope that you will join me in creating a paradigm that multiplies exponentially and improves the communities we serve. Slow down just a bit, take a breath, and dig deep to find your blessings. Think about the people who helped you get where you are and thank them. Let’s use this season to create a kinder and more grateful world.

FlexCare Travel Nurse Agency CEO
Travis Mannon, CEO