Why You Should Secure Your Winter Travel Nurse or Allied Assignment Now

Secure Winter Assignment
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Get in on Travel Nurse and Allied Winter Pay Rates Before January Surge!

by FlexCare team members Alicia Keith and Taylor Stanfield


Did you know that January is one of the busiest months for travelers applying for new assignments? Avoid getting caught in the “bottleneck” of people who had contracts end in December, or took time off for the holidays, or waited for the New Year. Once these well-meaning procrastinators are ready to begin a new adventure, the pool of candidates applying for jobs at the same time nears a fever pitch.

Reasons Why You Should Book Your Travel Nurse or Allied Assignment Now

Not currently on assignment but thinking about it? Be the early bird and get in now.

  • Get in on a higher winter rate - facilities are offering winter rates now. If you wait until January, hospitals will have an influx of candidates to choose from and are not as motivated to offer higher rates.
  • Avoid going multiple weeks to a month without a paycheck, depending on when your orientation is scheduled.
  • Avoid the rat race of an early January start date (when everyone wants to start).
    • Monday start dates include Dec. 24 (likely no orientation) and Dec. 31 (likely no orientation).
    • Jan. 7 and Jan. 14 will be impacted start dates.
  • Potential to extend winter rates through spring.
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Reasons to Extend Your Travel Nurse or Allied Contract Now

Already on assignment? There are great reasons to go ahead and extend your contract through the New Year.

  • Lock in the extension with your current winter rate.
  • Give yourself a better chance of getting a holiday off. Facilities are more willing to grant time off through the holidays if you are currently on contract. You are already there at the facility, they know you and are more willing to work with your time-off request.
  • Guarantee a January paycheck.
  • Request a shorter extension - you may not have to do a full 13 weeks.

More Applicants = Fierce Competition

Are you a first-time travel nurse or allied clinician? Don’t have two full years of experience (or maybe just hit that mark)? You will be competing against many experienced nurses and travelers for the same positions. Don't wait! Call or email your recruiter today and book or extend an assignment.


Happy travels!

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