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Two New Highly Requested Features

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, the ability for medical professionals, especially travel nurses, allied clinicians, and therapists, to manage their careers efficiently is crucial. We are committed to innovation and elevating the experience for our travelers, which is why we are excited to introduce two new highly requested features in the FlexCare 360 mobile app. 

Introducing Game-Changing Features

We recently rolled out two major improvements to the FlexCare 360 mobile app, addressing the most common challenges faced by travel healthcare professionals: Compliance Management and Timekeeping Instructions. These enhancements are not just improvements; they are transformative features that redefine the way clinicians manage their travel careers.  

Timekeeping Instructions 

One of the major challenges for travel healthcare professionals has been time submission. Different facilities often have varied requirements and instructions for timekeeping, leading to confusion and, sometimes, payroll errors or delays. The new Timekeeping Instructions feature in the FlexCare 360 app puts an end to these issues. 

Now, FlexCare 360 users have instant access to facility-specific timekeeping instructions and timesheets for each assignment. This transparency ensures that you can submit your time accurately and confidently, reducing the potential for errors and payroll delays. It’s a straightforward solution to a complex problem, streamlining a process that once required multiple steps and considerable effort. 

Compliance Management 

The second feature, Compliance Management, revolutionizes the way travel healthcare professionals handle their compliance requirements. The compliance process is a critical aspect of travel healthcare, involving the management of documents, certifications, and deadlines.  

Historically, this process has been cumbersome, involving various forms of communication and manual tracking. With the Compliance Management feature, FlexCare 360 users can review their requirements checklist, manage deadlines, securely submit all required documentation, and receive real-time updates—all within the app. This feature not only simplifies the compliance process but also enhances security and efficiency, ensuring that clinicians can focus more on their assignments and less on administrative tasks. 

A New Era of Communication

With these updates, FlexCare is also changing how it communicates with its travelers. Email updates about compliance or timekeeping will be discontinued, as the app now conveniently provides all necessary information and management tools. This shift to in-app communication streamlines the process, reducing clutter in your inbox and centralizing essential information. 

Revolutionizing the Travel Nurse-Recruiter Relationship 

The relationship between travel nurses and their recruiters is pivotal to a successful career. The FlexCare 360 app has been at the forefront of enhancing this dynamic by providing a platform for seamless communication and transparency. The introduction of these new features further enriches this relationship, empowering nurses, allied health, therapy, and LVN/LPN travelers to manage their careers with unprecedented ease and confidence. For an in-depth look at how FlexCare 360 is revolutionizing this crucial relationship, explore the insights in this blog post: How FlexCare 360 is Revolutionizing the Travel Nurse-Recruiter Relationship

Your Speed to Market Advantage 

In travel healthcare, the speed at which professionals can market themselves to potential assignments is crucial. The FlexCare 360 app gives users a significant advantage in this area, as detailed in this blog post: Your Speed to Market Advantage with FlexCare 360. By streamlining processes and improving efficiency, the app enables healthcare professionals to quickly and effectively position themselves for the best opportunities. 

The FlexCare 360 mobile app is more than just an app; it’s a comprehensive tool that addresses the real-world needs of travel healthcare professionals. From simplifying timekeeping and streamlining compliance to finding the perfect assignments, the app empowers users to manage their careers with an efficiency and confidence that was previously unimaginable. For more insights into how this app is transforming the travel healthcare industry, read FlexCare 360: A Revolutionary New Mobile App for Clinicians

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