Why FlexCare

FlexCare is “travel nursing done better”

History of FlexCare

When nurses decide to take their first travel assignment, they put their future in the hands of a recruiter, so trust must be the foundation of the relationship. All of us at FlexCare take that responsibility seriously. It started from our humble beginning back in 2006 when we decided to shake things up and do travel nursing better than anyone else.

Bring It 2017

Travel Nursing To-Dos

All of us here at FlexCare had a wonderful holiday season, and now we're refreshed and ready to tackle all the challenges 2017 has in store. There are bound to be some big changes in our world this year, so we are committed to remaining flexible and optimistic. In order to best serve our nurses and staff, we're looking forward to continue making our successful programs ever enhanced. As always, we'll continue to deliver Travel Nursing Done Better.

Pay Security and Peace of Mind


Negotiating for pay is stressful. We all know it. It's a test of wills between what you know you deserve and what your employer is willing to offer, and a lot of times those numbers don't match up. When you're working with a travel nursing company, there's often the additional stressor of wondering if you negotiated for high enough pay, or if you could've gotten more if you'd kept pushing just a little longer. Instead, that money might be going into the recruiter's pocket as incentive.


Benefits of S1nglepoint

Benefits of S1NGLEPOINT

A lot of travel nursing companies have recruiters who work with nurses to place them in great assignments that strengthen their skills and test their fortitude. No question about that. A lot of these same companies also make the assignment more difficult to navigate by transferring you from department to department while you make sure all the paperwork is in order, the pay is negotiated, and the details are in place. It's stressful and chaotic, leaving you feeling frustrated.