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Highlighting Travel OTs for Occupational Therapy Month

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Empowerment through Travel with FlexCare 

April shines a spotlight on the essential role of occupational therapy (OT), a profession that exemplifies dedication to improving patient lives through innovative therapeutic practices. This Occupational Therapy Month, we celebrate not just the profession but the adventurous spirits of travel OTs who bring their skills to diverse communities nationwide. At FlexCare Medical Staffing, we take immense pride in supporting all clinicians who choose the path less traveled.  

The Journey of a Travel OT

Occupational therapy is fundamentally about enabling people to participate fully in everyday activities. Travel OTs uniquely embody this principle, merging their professional mission with the personal journey of exploration and discovery. Our travel OTs, like Karly and Elizabeth, share their experiences, highlighting the profound personal and professional growth of being a travel OT.

A Glimpse into the Life of Karly

Karly's journey as a travel OT with FlexCare has been exhilarating. "Being an OT traveler with FlexCare is one of the best decisions I've ever made," she says. Her experience is enhanced by the robust support system provided by her FlexCare S1NGLEPOINT recruiter. "My recruiter is so supportive and communicative and has helped me immensely through my journey as a solo traveler," Karly explains. This support is crucial, making the transition between locations seamless and stress-free.  

Karly also highlights the practical benefits: "It's easily accessible, the pay is competitive, and the contract locations are stunning." But it's more than just the tangible rewards. For Karly, it's about "prioritizing traveling again while doing what I love." This sentiment captures what it means to be a travel OT – merging passion with profession and adventure with assistance. 

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Elizabeth’s Exploration and Growth

Elizabeth's story underscores a different aspect of being a travel OT – the challenge and excitement of constant renewal. "I love being a travel OT because it has allowed me to explore so many beautiful areas of this country that I would never have thought to explore when taking a short trip," she shares. The opportunity to see various parts of the country is paired with professional growth, pushing her outside her comfort zone, "being in one place/working with just one team."  

Her career as a travel OT marries her "love for OT with my love for traveling and constantly seeing/experiencing new things." This dual passion drives Elizabeth to embrace each new assignment as a job and an opportunity to impact lives while feeding her soul with new experiences and environments. 

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The FlexCare Difference

At FlexCare, we understand that our travel OTs are more than just employees; they are passionate professionals and adventurous souls. We are committed to providing them with the best possible opportunities that align with their career goals and personal aspirations. Our emphasis on flexibility allows our OTs to design a lifestyle that suits them best, combining the stability of a rewarding career with the excitement of travel.  

Why Travel OT?

Travel OTs enjoy a unique blend of benefits that go beyond the conventional. From competitive pay and exceptional locations to the chance for professional development in diverse settings, travel OT offers rich experiences. Moreover, it fosters resilience and adaptability—invaluable traits in both personal and professional realms.  

Join Us in Celebrating OT Month

This Occupational Therapy Month, we extend our deepest gratitude to all OT professionals, with a special shout-out to our travel OTs who make significant sacrifices and show incredible flexibility to serve communities. They enhance their patients' lives and enrich their own lives through the experiences they gather.  

As we celebrate this month, we invite all OTs to consider the path of travel occupational therapy. Whether you're seeking variety, adventure, or personal growth, FlexCare is here to support you every step of the way. Let's make this journey together, expanding our horizons and impacting lives one community at a time.  

Thank you, Karly, Elizabeth, and all our travel OTs, for your commitment and passion. Here's to many more journeys and successes together!  

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