How to Report a Patient Safety Event

How to Report Patient Safety Event
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The following information has been provided by The Joint Commission. FlexCare is sharing this to notify nurses on how to report concerns they have regarding patient safety.

The Joint Commission helps accredited health care organizations improve patient safety and the quality of their services. Your report of a patient safety or quality of care concern will help TJC guide the organization to make the necessary improvements which will reduce or preferably eliminate the likelihood of harm to patients in the future.

The Joint Commission’s goal is to evaluate performance of the organization based on established standards of care; therefore, The Joint Commission does not evaluate the appropriateness of specific care of an individual patient; or address billing issues, payment/financial disputes or legal matters/disputes.

If you prefer, you also have the option to contact and work directly with the health care organization to seek resolution of your patient safety concern and/or on matters beyond the scope of The Joint Commission’s review, as listed above.

How to Report a Concern

The preferred method for submitting a concern is through The Joint Commission’s online submission form. This is the quickest and most direct way to reach TJC. You also have the option to submit your safety concern or event anonymously.

Online:; Click on tab at bottom of page to “Report a Safety Event”

Mail: Provide a brief (please limit to two pages) summary of your safety concern and the complete name and address for the location where care was received. Please be as specific as possible.

Office of Quality & Patient Safety

The Joint Commission

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In order to protect your Personal Health Information, The Joint Commission will not accept copies of medical records, photos or billing invoices and other related personal information. Any such document received will be shredded upon receipt, per our policy.

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