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Pay Security and Peace of Mind

Pay Security and Peace of Mind
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Negotiating for pay is stressful. We all know it. It's a test of wills between what you know you deserve and what your employer is willing to offer, and a lot of times those numbers don't match up.

When you're working with a travel healthcare company, there's often the additional stressor of wondering if you negotiated for high enough pay, or if you could've gotten more if you'd kept pushing just a little longer.

Instead, that money might be going into the recruiter's pocket as incentive.

At FlexCare, we don't think our nurses should have to deal with that. That's why we believe in High Pay. Hassle-Free. It's our way of saying that we always offer you the highest possible pay package for the position, every time, right from the start.

Plus, unlike most staffing companies, we don’t take a higher commission if the hospital’s bill rate is increased. The higher the rate, the more money in your pocket, not ours. You shouldn't be in competition with your recruiter for who gets more tacked on to their paycheck. We firmly believe in building a relationship of trust and mutual respect with our nurses, and we just don't think we can do that if we're not completely transparent about what the position pays.

Knowing that you're always getting the highest possible pay for the position right off the bat means you'll have a sense of security. That security is important, and we'll always ensure that our actions allow you to have it. No smoke and mirrors, no negotiation, no holding our cards close to the chest. Just competitive pay, always, no questions asked.

If you'd like to learn more about our High Pay. Hassle-Free. program, please check out the information on our website or call your S1NGLEPOINT recruiter for details!