LVN / LPN Specialities

LVN / LPN Specialties A-Z

Clinic/Ambulatory Care
Nurses in this specialty provide care in outpatient settings, helping with procedures, follow-ups, and patient education.

Emergency Room (ER)
ER nurses offer immediate care to patients with acute injuries or illnesses, ensuring rapid response and stabilization.

Home Health
These nurses provide care for patients in their homes, assisting with daily activities, medications, and health monitoring.

Long-Term Acute Care
Nurses in this field care for patients with severe, chronic illnesses or injuries that require an extended hospital stay.

Long-Term Care / Skilled Nursing
Focused on patients requiring long-term care, these nurses assist with daily living activities and monitor chronic conditions.

Offering care to adult patients in hospital settings, these nurses handle a diverse set of conditions and treatments.

Oncology nurses care for patients diagnosed with cancer, assisting with treatments like chemotherapy and providing emotional support.

Pediatric nurses specialize in caring for children from infancy through adolescence, addressing both physical and developmental needs.

This specialty focuses on caring for patients with mental health disorders, offering therapeutic interactions and medication management.

Rehabilitation nurses assist patients recovering from long-term physical disabilities or chronic illnesses, aiming to restore functionality.

Working primarily in cardiac units, telemetry nurses monitor patients using specialized electronic equipment like ECGs.

Wound Care
Specializing in treating and monitoring wounds, these nurses provide cleaning, dressing, and recommendations for further care.

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