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You're a travel nurse who just landed in a new city, you're sitting in a new rental or in your motorhome, and you have no idea where to start. No worries! We've provided links to some of our most popular destinations for travel nurses, therapists, and allied clinicians to help you better understand the good, the bad, and the blissfully insane of the place you'll call home for the next 13 weeks.


This is your opportunity to break out of your role as a healthcare provider and play Dora the Explorer. Now, get out there and get acquainted with your temporary turf!

Atlanta, GA

Travel nurses are notorious for labeling themselves as "foodies." Not sure why that is, but it would be totally worth it to check out the hottest restaurants in Atlanta right now! No, not yesterday – NOW!

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, you look beautiful for your age. This Queen City celebrated its 250th anniversary, and who doesn’t want to be part of that?

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Chicago, IL

It's windy. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, everyday Chicagoans love their Windy City. Find out why and how to do it like a local while on your travel healthcare assignment by checking out the “Chicago Like a Local” blog. 

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Denver, CO

New to our list, this mile-high town is known for its Rocky Mountain location that invokes images of world-class skiing and outdoor adventure. But this nature-lover's favorite is also home to great food, top professional sports teams, music and art venues. 

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family white water rafting in Colorado

Detroit, MI

"The D,” as it’s affectionately known by locals, is so much more than cars, but if you happen to be in The D during the North American International Auto Show, you really should experience this spectacle once in your life. According to Thrillist, Detroit is "one of America's most fun cities." Check it out!

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Houston, TX

Texas. Big. Hair. Oil. Longhorns. Is there more than that about Houston? Of course, and that includes why it’s known as “Space City.”

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Los Angeles, CA

Even native Angeleños have a love-hate relationship with their city, but all they have to do is take the 405 to the 10 and head towards Santa Monica and everything is cool. And that’s precisely why every trendy, hip, historic, or gastronomic L.A. treasure is worthy of a look. 

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Memphis, TN

Graceland, Beale Street, and the National Civil Rights Museum are just a few of the bucket list-worthy attractions that await visitors to this iconic city. Who can resist visiting such an epic influence on blues, soul, and rock ‘n roll?

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Milwaukee, IL

The guy who just completed a solo trek of Antarctica clearly did his training in Milwaukee sometime in late January (Google “Cold Sunday”). But to know the Brew City is to love it, including its official dance, the polka. Read about why this northern tier town is such a hit with those who dare to venture there.

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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is filled with interesting historical haunts, great music, and colorful characters, but if you don’t leave this city with a new appreciation for food, you are dead inside. 

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New Haven, CT

You don’t have to be a khaki and tweed jacket-wearing guy named Biff to enjoy all that this Ivy League city has to offer.

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New York, NY

What’s left to say about this city that hasn’t already been written about, debated, shouted out loud standing on a milk crate, put to music, or promoted on a giant neon sign? Here's a site that lays it all out for you.

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Phoenix, AZ

If you aren’t into golf or really, really, really hot wind, you may think Phoenix isn’t for you. Au contraire! Phoenix promises to surprise its visitors, so find out what Phoenix has to offer beyond golf and hot, dry (did we mention hot?) weather.

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St. Louis, MO

Would you believe St. Louis hangouts rival those of L.A. or New York? Neither did we, until we read this article by a writer who now calls the Gateway Arch City her home.

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San Francisco, CA

When you think of the City by the Bay, what images come to mind? Home of the original hippies? Beatniks? Sourdough? Crooked streets? We didn’t have to look hard to find weird and wonderful things to do in a city rich with culture and history.

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Seattle, WA

A gum wall, a troll, and a mystery soda machine. OMG, Seattle! 

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