10 Reasons Travel Nursing is so Rewarding

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Why would someone want to be a traveler? Well, there are lots of great reasons to take the plunge, and if you've been on the fence lately as a staff nurse, there's no better time than now to seriously consider becoming a traveler, especially with the enhanced nurse licensure compact taking effect Jan. 19. To help you decide if traveling is right for you, we found these top reasons to travel from a new blogger and seasoned travel nurse at Travel Nurse GuruThis article appears on the Traval Nurse Guru blog and they have generously given us permission to repost it here. The photo is courtesy of FlexCare traveler Jena M. who is pictured at the Grand Canyon. 

1. Travel!!

You get an opportunity to go to places you probably can’t afford to visit. Most assignments are 13 weeks which gives you the time to explore your location.  My first assignment back in the states after leaving the USVI was San Francisco.  We had a great time exploring the city and the surrounding area and when people come to visit us I become the tour guide!

2. Work for an Agency, but Retain Autonomy

The agency is the tool you use to get the job you want in the area you want to be.  In reality you are an employee of the agency but only a temporary employee and that equates to freedom and flexibility. 

3. Gain Knowledge & Confidence in Your Career

I am a completely different nurse today than when I first started traveling 12 years ago.  I still learn things each time I take an assignment. I have gained a mountain of information by traveling as compared to simply doing the same job at the same facility. The end result is that you build confidence.

4. Meet New People and Make New Friendships

Expand your horizon and enrich your life with new experiences and relationships. On my first assignment in St Croix I met my husband!  You never know who you will meet and where the journey will lead.

5. Gain Exposure to New Cultures

Each city has its own individual personality. New Orleans is sultry and secretive, NYC is big and bold, Boston full of humor and history. Enjoy the diversity!!

6. Learn Humility  

When you are faced with a situation that you have never seen before you realize that you are not the “all knowing nurse” you thought you were. In a sense, that kind of realization should put you in your place. Not below or above others, but beside them.

7. Financial Success  

This is a biggie.  If done correctly you can put yourself in a great place financially.  Get rid of debt and work towards financial freedom for today and tomorrow.

8. Time Off

My personal favorite!  Get yourself in a financial position where you can afford time off. When I first started traveling I ran from one assignment to another with hardly any time off.  I have worked my way into a much more comfortable pace.  I work October to April, take six weeks off, work a summer assignment (One for Fun!), take six weeks off then back to work in October.  My ultimate goal is to work three months then take three months off.

9. Share the Country with Friends and Family

We have five adult kids and two grand-kids and when one or two are available they fly out to us and we take them on a great vacation.  They, like so many young adults, can’t afford to travel so this is a great opportunity for them to see the fantastic sights of our great nation.

10. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!

Traveling as a healthcare worker gives you options that you will never get working for one facility.  Embrace your freedom and hit the road!!


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