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A Fantastic Day Out at the Great American Triathlon 2023

FlexCare Team at Great American Triathlon
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Building Bonds and Breaking Barriers

There are few events on our calendar that generate as much anticipation, excitement, and camaraderie as the Great American Triathlon (GAT). This year, we proudly participated and volunteered at the GAT, reflecting our commitment to wellness, team building, and community service. 

Our FlexCare family was well-represented at this year's race, with 27 dedicated and motivated employees hitting the track and 23 enthusiastic support employees volunteering their time and energy. Each participant brought their own strengths, discipline, and unique energy to the event, contributing to an atmosphere that was, without a doubt, electrifying! 

Being part of the GAT is more than just an endurance race for us at FlexCare; it is an opportunity for us to build stronger bonds within our team, challenge ourselves physically and mentally, and show up as a united front. The triathlon serves as a metaphor for our work ethic and philosophy - it takes determination, resilience, and teamwork, qualities that FlexCare prides itself on.  

Beyond the empowerment of our team, FlexCare’s participation in the 2023 GAT provided a tremendous opportunity to give back and deepen our roots in the Greater Sacramento community. As a gold sponsor, we were honored to expand our unwavering commitment to health and wellness to the numerous nonprofit organizations that the event supports. This year the event resulted in a 33% increase in competitors compared to 2022, which means a substantial donation increase to the American River Parkway Foundation and local chapters of Court Appointed Child Advocates (CASA).  

Our Associate Vice President of Talent Development & Employee Experience and Recruitment, Jennifer Miller, highlighted the significance of the GAT to FlexCare during her interview on KFBK. Check out her full interview here. Jennifer emphasized how the triathlon aligns with our core values and why it is a pivotal event for us each year. 

According to Jennifer, "At FlexCare, we believe in fostering health, encouraging adventure, and nurturing community spirit. Participating in the Great American Triathlon is our testament to these commitments. It's a platform where we challenge our limits, reinforce our wellness goals, and, most importantly, weave a stronger bond with our community. Adventure is not just about the thrill, it's about discovering our potential, and the GAT specifically is a wonderful way to bring this vision to life". 

From the first sprint to the final paddle, the spirit of the team was evident. The impressive participation and volunteer turnout is a testament to the FlexCare spirit. Seeing our employees come together, whether racing or volunteering, is a genuine reflection of our company culture. We are not just a team within the office walls but also a family that supports one another in every endeavor. 

A huge thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and supporters who made this year's Great American Triathlon a success. Your hard work, dedication, and FlexCare spirit shined brightly, embodying our company ethos in every way. 

As we look ahead, the FlexCare team is already looking forward to the next Great American Triathlon! Until then, we'll keep fostering the wellness, collaboration, adventure, and community engagement that make us who we are at work and beyond. Here's to next year's race and another chance to demonstrate the strength of the FlexCare team! 

FlexCare Employee at Great American Triathlon
FlexCare Employee at Great American Triathlon

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