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Healthcare Heroes 2019: This Travel Nurse Embodies Spirit of Nursing

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Travel Nurse and CVICU RN, Mickel - Spirit of Nursing Award

Mickel, a CVICU RN and a FlexCare travel nurse since 2016, is the recipient of our 2019 Spirit of Nursing Award. This award honors the travel nurse who consistently provides exceptional patient care while being a positive influence on the lives of those around them.


Mickel is no stranger to accolades and awards. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the facilities where he's completed his travel nursing assignments. In the fall of 2018, Mickel received a Daisy Award that is especially noteworthy because it came from a patient’s wife, who is also a nurse. “I feel very blessed and so does my husband that [Mickel] was his nurse the day after his open-heart surgery," she said. "He is an Extraordinary and Compassionate Nurse! He's definitely a Daisy!"


Mickel is always such a pleasure to work with. He’s been living his best life as a traveler and truly embodies the spirit of a travel nurse!

Natalie Pisciotta, Mickel's recruiter shared. 


Mickel recently married his partner while on his last travel nursing assignment, and has been working in Virginia.

Mickel generously shared with us his career insights. 

What’s one thing you enjoy most about being a travel nurse?

"The freedom it offers to work anywhere in the US while exploring areas for an extended period. Anyone can go visit a new place, but with travel nursing you can go there for three months or more and really get a feel for what the area is like.  It's like being a local of many different places because you end up with friends in each place you visit. I've made some really great friendships and have been able to stay in contact with those nurses."

What attracted you to nursing?

"Nursing is the only profession I can think of that allows you to meet people when they are at such a critical time in their life while impacting them in a life changing manner.  It's a huge responsibility and very challenging job, my previous profession of 13 years I didn't find challenging, but nursing is something different every day and I like puzzles."

What’s one piece of advice you would give new nurses?

"Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  Trying new things and maybe taking that float with a good attitude can introduce you to whole areas that you may find you love.  Being flexible will also help you to grow as a nurse and think differently.  Different units operate at different speeds and require you to adjust.  Also, be patient with yourself, nobody gets everything all at once, so be sure to ask questions.  We value a nurse much more that isn't afraid to ask when they have a question than one that is over confident."  

We’re honored that Mickel considers FlexCare part of his extended family and we can’t wait to see where he goes next. On behalf of all of us at FlexCare, Mickel will receive premium custom luggage from Roam Luggage, valued at $500. 


Happy travels!

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