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Healthcare Heroes 2019: Travel Nurse Models Strong Work Ethic

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Travel Nurse and ER RN, Whitney - Assignment Ace Award

To say that travel nurses have a strong work ethic is something of an understatement, for sure. Then there are those who take that work ethic to the next level.

Starting her tenth assignment with FlexCare, Whitney, ER RN, has earned FlexCare's 2019 Assignment Ace Award for clocking the most travel nures assignment hours in 2018 and doing it with grace and a positive attitude.  “I have worked with Whitney for the last two and a half years," said Angie Entwisle, Recruitment Team Lead. "I can easily say that she is one of the kindest, most sincere, and hardest working (obviously!) humans that I have ever known. Whitney, thank you for all that you do!”

We definitely wanted to get a better understanding of what motivates this busy travel nurse, so she graciously agreed to share some insights on her career.

What made you decide to become a travel nurse? 

"Being raised as an Army brat, I feel it was pretty much destined for me to move around from place to place! I’ve always been hungry for adventure and new experiences. After 5 years of nursing in Mississippi and Tennessee, I decided to broaden my horizons! I’ve now been traveling for 3 years!"

...she is one of the kindest, most sincere, and hardest working (obviously!) humans that I have ever known." Angie Entwisle, Recruitment Team Lead

What attracted you to nursing?

"My mom definitely brought me to nursing! My mom is a pediatric nurse at a local pediatric hospital in Memphis, Tennessee called LeBonheur. I loved hearing my mother’s stories of how she would go the extra mile for her patients and families. My mom is an exemplary nurse doing God’s work and touching lives. She is a huge role model for me in my personal and professional life!"

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What advice would you give to new nurses?   "My advice to new nurses would be to ask questions. I have found that many nurses are afraid to 'not know something.' It’s ok to not know! We have all been there before. Nursing is an environment where you will forever learn!"   Favorite quote:   “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi.   Whitney is certainly living that life!   Whitney is one of those nurses who just makes everyone's job a little easier. So, from all of us at FlexCare, we're sending her a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card so that she can add another adventure to her list.  Happy travels!

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