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Housing Tips for Healthcare Travelers

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Finding housing for your next assignment can seem like an enormous challenge, but with a few tips and resources, you can find temporary housing in nearly any market. Whether you're looking for a short-term rental, a room in a private home, an extended hotel stay, an RV campground, or anything in between, the more flexibility you build into your search and the better prepared you are to ask the right questions, the better chance you'll have for a great outcome. 

In 2003, when I first entered the travel healthcare industry, the sentiment around housing was much different. Many travelers wanted the prestigious housing. They wanted a two-bedroom. They wanted tennis courts, swimming pools, and gated communities. 

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Times have changed. Travel healthcare has changed. Consumers have changed. There is a need to be educated and a desire for autonomy. The technology has changed and online platforms have become abundant. The options now extend beyond craigslist or a hotel. Today, many travelers want to understand and dictate the costs around housing. They want to analyze the expense. What are they gaining, what are giving up? What are the pros, the cons, and ultimately what is the best housing choice for that individual traveler?

Luckily, the current landscape allows for travelers to do just that. The quantity of online housing resources continues to multiply. The availability of turnkey, fully furnished, utilities-included housing is more readily available and at the fingertips of all consumers today.


 1. Ease the situation, especially if this is your first time traveling.

  • Fully furnished
  • Utilities included
  • Linens included

    2. Inquire about all costs so that there are no surprises.

    • Look for short lease terms, but ensure cost totals include full date range, a couple of days before you start, until a day or two after your contract ends
    • What are all the various deposits?
    • What is the likelihood that deposits will be returned
    • How much is required at check-in? Note that hotels will be different than private residences or apartments.

        3. Worst Case Scenario

        • What happens if it is not a good fit? Try to make it work since it's just temporary.
        • What happens if an assignment gets canceled? Most short-term rentals will have stipulations for early cancellations.


          Category #1: Partner with Your Travel Company

          FlexCare has an entire database stacked with housing options from current or past travelers.


          Category #2: Rental by Owner


          Facebook Housing Groups

          Travel Nurse Housing

          Transplant Housing for Healthcare Travelers



          Category #3: Hotels or Extended Stay Hotels

          Call and inquire about long-term lodging discounts or discounts for healthcare travelers.

          Extended Stay America

          Courtyard by Marriott

          Hilton Garden Inn


          Category #4: Housing Providers 

          Furnished Finder

          Created specifically for travel nurses and other travel healthcare professionals, Furnished Finder specializes in housing opportunities that are 30 days and longer and is a free service for travelers. 


          Category #5: RV and Camping


          Encore RV Resorts


          Good Sam


          Category #6: Rent a Room

          This cuts down on overall costs and makes it easier to move in and out. Often there are clinicians in the community who want to rent rooms to healthcare travelers.