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Celebrating Nurse's Week

As we wrap up our Nurse's Week celebrations, FlexCare honors the commitment, expertise, and heartfelt care our travel nurses bring to their assignments across the nation. Their stories are as diverse as the places they go, each one a testament to the resilience and spirit of healthcare professionals. Today, we share the experiences of some of our amazing travel nurses who exemplify the best of traveling with FlexCare.  

Samuel & Lain's Journey

"I love traveling with Flexcare because my recruiter, Laura, has been so easy to talk to from day one. I have never felt pressured to accept or take an assignment that I didn't feel comfortable with. Flexcare and Laura have helped me get out of my comfort zone and grow as a nurse and a person, and I will forever be thankful for that!" - Samuel


"Traveling with Flexcare is a breeze. One of my favorite things about the company is that I don't feel like "just a number" to them or my recruiter. They make me feel more in control and less pressured into assignments while working WITH them, unlike other companies where I felt like I worked FOR them! Choosing to travel with Flexcare has been one of my best career choices!" - Lain

FlexCare Travel Nurses in front of Castle

Tabitha's Commitment

"I've been traveling for a few years, and FlexCare has made the experience easier. I love that I don't have to negotiate for the highest pay package and can go to my recruiter for any questions. Many details go into each assignment, but FlexCare always pieces them together to make my life a lot less stressful!"

FlexCare Travel Nurse

Renae's Exploration

"I'm the type of girl who is always looking for her next adventure, and being a travel nurse has given me the flexibility to explore the awesome states I have worked in and even to take some extended time off to explore Europe for the first time! My fantastic recruiter with FlexCare (huge shoutout to Carly!) always hustles to find me jobs where I want to be! I am also a Canadian traveler, so things can get complicated sometimes, and they are always on the ball for me! I'm always looking forward to my next adventure with FlexCare!"

FlexCare Travel Nurse Hiking

Regina's Experience

"FlexCare has allowed me to grow as a nurse through each assignment and find the positive in this career field again in a new way. FlexCare has helped me explore the world from the East to the West Coast in ways I never imagined!"

FlexCare travel nurse in Maine in front of a lighthouse at sunset

Olivia's Adventures

"I love travel nursing because it allows for so much flexibility with my schedule! I love exploring the country while on assignment and meeting all the wonderful people who work in our field. I have made extraordinary friends while on assignment, and some have even become like family. I started working with FlexCare in 2016, and they have ensured that my travel experiences are the best!"

FlexCare Travel Nurse

Laura's Travel Life

"I love being a travel nurse with FlexCare! I have the absolute best recruiter ever, Hannah. I always have her and her wonderful team in my corner. FlexCare makes it so easy to do what I love while having the greatest adventures."

FlexCare Travel Nurse Ziplining

Kaitlin's Journey

"Travel nursing has led me to places and people I'd probably never seen or met had I not started traveling with FlexCare in 2022. My love of fly fishing and upland hunting with my dog has me slightly particular about working destinations, and my recruiter, Chris, has worked with me and landed contracts in GREAT locations. Chris has always been supportive and excited about my journey on the road and at work. Having a single point of contact makes communication and the onboarding process a breeze. I can't wait to see what the road ahead with FlexCare has to bring!"

FlexCare Travel Nurse and Dog

Britney's Experience

"I love the travel, experiences, and flexibility that this career affords me. My recruiter is fantastic; he works with me to find the right contract, advocates for me, and has my back through the entire process."

FlexCare Travel Nurse hanging upside down

The Conclusion of Nurse's Week

As we wrap up our celebration of Nurse's Week with these traveler stories, we're reminded of the profound impact travel nurses have on healthcare nationwide. Each story echoes a common theme of adventure, professional growth, and personalized support from FlexCare. Whether it's Samuel's personal and professional growth, Lain's autonomy, or Renae's international explorations, FlexCare has been a cornerstone in their journey, ensuring that each assignment is as rewarding as the last.  

If you're inspired by the adventures and stories of our travel nurses and want to explore new horizons in your nursing career, a FlexCare recruiter is ready to guide you through every step. We will help you find the perfect assignments that match your career goals and aspirations. Don't wait to start your adventure—contact a FlexCare S1NGLEPOINT recruiter today and take the first step towards a fulfilling and exciting career in travel healthcare.  

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