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Traveler's Loss Leads to Generous Gift from Coworkers

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For some travel nurses, all their wordly possessions go with them from assignment to assignment. ICU RN, Mark G., is just such a traveler and recently experienced every traveler’s worst nightmare while on assignment in Washington, D.C.


The travel nurse’s cargo trailer with all his possessions was vandalized and all the contents stolen from a secure storage facility. The culprits took everything, leaving Mark with only a few personal items.


But what happened next is a testament to the camaraderie and friendships that can develop when one becomes a traveler.


After hearing about Mark’s plight, co-workers on the Neuro ICU unit came together and created a Zelle account to collect donations for him. A few other RN’s gave Mark gift cards.


As a nurse, Mark’s job is dedicated to helping others – and when help was offered to him, his initial reaction was to decline it, but he was eventually persuaded to accept  the generosity of his peers.

A Humble Note of Thanks


This is what Mark had to say to his co-workers following their donations:


I have been embraced as one of you from the first day of my arrival to 3G/3H. It is my fortune to be part of this great group. I will remember you always for your kindness and generosity toward me personally and professionally.


This story epitomizes how much a travel nurse can be welcomed into a facility and treated like one of its own. We are humbled by the generosity of Mark’s coworkers but not at all surprised by their compassion. It proves that kindness is at the heart of nursing. 

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