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Healthcare Heroes Award: FlexCare Road Warriors Embrace The Journey

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The FlexCare Healthcare Heroes Awards recognize and celebrate those healthcare professionals who stand out as exceptional FlexCare travelers. The Greatest Road Warrior is a FlexCare nurse who has successfully completed assignments in and traveled to the most states.

Although we ended up with a tie for FlexCare Road Warrior, both winners, Breanna and Jillian, exemplify the wanderer inherent in every FlexCare nurse.

When asked what she liked most about being a travel nurse, Breanna responded, “I grew up a military brat, so I guess traveling is in my blood, I can't sit still.”

The traveler lifestyle suits Breanna well. Together with her husband, Mason, they seize every opportunity they can to visit new states. Their goal is to see all 50, then venture to Europe.

We asked Breanna to give us some insight into how being a travel nurse has had a positive impact on her life.


FC: How has travel nursing changed your life?

“I feel like it's given me more confidence in my nursing skills and being able to handle any situation thrown at me,” said Breanna.


FC: What advice would you give nurses considering a travel career?

“I'd have to say take the chance and step out of your comfort zone,” said Breanna. “It's all a learning process and we should never stop learning.”

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Jillian has been a FlexCare traveler since 2014 and is a seasoned international traveler having toured far-away places like Copenhagen and Iceland. 

We’re so grateful that both Breanna and Jillian have the travel bug - they represent the spirit of FlexCare so well!

Congratulations to Breanna and Jillian for being such awesome FlexCare nurses!

Both award winners will receive a $300 Southwest® gift card.

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