Stefani C. – DOU RN

"Best recruiter I've ever worked with! Totally goes above and beyond what my expectations are."

Clay L. – CCU RN

"My recruiter is great. It has been a pleasure to have him guide me through my first travel assignment."

Melissa Q. - ER RN

"I love my recruiter! She works so hard to help me and has been the biggest reason for me to not have even considered other companies. She is excellent!"

Chris H. – OR RN

"My recruiter was thorough and went above and beyond all expectations. I am pleased with my recruiter and FlexCare!"

Bryan B. – ER RN

"My recruiter is great. I recommend her to everyone that wants to travel."

Carice P. RN

"My recruiter is a fantastic recruiter, I feel very fortunate to have been assigned to her!!  There are not enough positive words to say about her, but I do know that I want to be with whatever agency she is working for.  Hang on to her because she is everything an exemplary recruiter should be and then some!"

Boston B. - OR RN

"My recruiter is the finest! Hands down the most personable, kind, hard working recruiter I've seen out there. I love my recruiter so much that my best friend is a recruiter for another facility and I still won't switch :) she is the best and I can tell you one thing, I won't be going with any other agent or agency anytime soon!"

Caitlin C. – ER RN

"My recruiter continues to amaze me with his knowledge, passion for FlexCare, and his can do attitude. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome recruiter who always has my back!"

Annalynne G. - ICU RN

I love my recruiter! She has been really awesome to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to travel.

Eric C. - SICU RN

"My recruiter has made this an easy transition and my friends and I would be LOST without her and her flexibility."

Alyson M. – Med Surg RN

"I have had a phenomenal experience so far with my recruiter as well as FlexCare Medical Staffing."