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Finding the Right Travel Nurse or Clinician in a Competitive Market

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The shortage in healthcare personnel is real and I’m sure many won’t deny it. When it comes to employing travel nurses or other clinicians, there are a few rules of thumb that can give you the advantage over other competing facilities. Here are some strategies to find the right candidate first!


Top Reasons Why Hiring Travel Nurses Saves Time and Money

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As someone who works with healthcare facilities to help them solve their staffing challenges, I'm often presented with misconceived notions or problems as to why facilities steer clear of hiring travel nurses. Some of the facilitiy leaders I have spoken with who are responsible for staffing are under the impression that hiring travelers is too expensive. While the subject of cost vs.

How to Create the BEST Welcome Experience for Travel Clinicians

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What a simple word, yet just hearing it makes you feel good. Now consider travelers who regularly move from one facility to another every 13 weeks. I know from my own experience and hearing from other travelers that receiving a genuine welcome when starting a new assignment can make a huge difference.


Why Hospitals Use Travel Nurses

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All across the nation, hospitals rely on travel nurses to fill out their staff. There are a variety of reasons to employ travel nurses, from convenience to necessity, and the mutually beneficial relationship is a definite perk. If you're wondering why hospitals choose to hire travel nurses, these are some of their motivations. 1) Travel nurses have great experience. Moving between different hospitals, teams, and situations means they know how to stay on their toes and operate in a variety of environments. They're flexible, quick-thinking, and fast learners.