4 High-Energy Snacks to Get Your Through Your Shift

High Energy Snacks for Traveling Nurses

Nothing burns calories like nursing, and that's the truth! Some days, you barely have a minute to spare to fuel back up, so it's important to make sure anything you are eating packs a punch and isn't going to wear off on you after that initial rush. Proteins are an excellent bet, since they digest slower and offer up a good source of energy. Here are our recommendations for high-energy snacks to keep you going. Don't forget to stay hydrated, too!

How To Adjust Your Schedule To Night Shifts

Traveling Nurse Night Shift

How to Adjust to the Night Shift

If you're used to working days and then you receive a travel nursing assignment that requires you to take the night shift, it can be a rough transition, especially when you're also dealing with a new living situation and possibly a different time zone. It's very easy for your entire sleep cycle to get completely screwed up, resulting in multiple wakeups or difficulty falling asleep. When your job depends on your attention to detail and reaction time, you can't afford to lose any of your precious sleep.