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COVID-19 State Updates for Travel Nurses and Other Clinicians

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State Policy Updates for Paid Sick Leave

While working in California* (between 9/19/2020 – 12/31/2020), Colorado (7/15/2020 – present), Massachusetts (5/28/2021 – present), or New York (3/18/2020 – present), you are eligible for the following COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave. Please click on the state website links below for full details.


*The California state mandate (CSPSL) has expired with the expiration of the FFCRA leave entitlements, however some local CA city and county localities might have ordinances or leave entitlements that remain in effect or could be added. FlexCare will comply with any local sick leave ordinances or laws in effect at the time of the assignment in those localities with separate mandates.

CA Supplemental Paid Sick Leave


Colorado Paid Sick Leave


NY paid sick leave

New York

Massachusetts Covid-19 Paid Leave


Learn how to be your best self throughout the Covid-19 pandemic with additional information about education, mental health, and other resources for travel nurses, therapists, and allied clinicians.

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