Jan 23
my most memorable patient

While I no longer remember her name, I will never forget her face. And, I will never forget the family that was at her bedside that day.

By far the most memorable patient I have ever had, was the only one that literally passed away right before my eyes. That moment when she took her very last breath with her husband at her bedside holding her hand will stay with me for a lifetime.

Jan 4

Technology has made tracking your healthy habits super simple, and since the FlexCare staff is an active group, and many are already preparing for this year’s Eppie’s Great Race, we thought we would share our staff picks for favorite health and wellness apps.


Dec 27
FlexCare traveler Jena

Why would someone want to be a traveler? Well, there are lots of great reasons to take the plunge, and if you've been on the fence lately as a staff nurse, there's no better time than now to seriously consider becoming a traveler, especially with the enhanced nurse licensure compact taking effect Jan. 19.

Dec 12
a travel nurse's journey to nevada

Jacquelyn is on her first assignment as a travel nurse. The experience led her to write the following message to her recruiter, Kristina. Her account is creative, authentic, and important to share with other travelers, so we decided to publish it in its entirety - without editing or formatting modifications - and  the author graciously gave us permission.

The views expressed here are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of FlexCare Medical Staffing.


Dec 4
nurse licensure compact

Updated June 21, 2019 --

When it comes to your own licensing, it's critical that you stay up-to-date on legislation that could impact how or where you practice nursing. If you currently hold a multistate license or you've been thinking about traveling, there were enhancements to the NLC in 2018 that brought new states (and new opportunities for travel), but not every NLC state has passed new legislation (initially referred to as eNLC) to adopt the enhanced licensing.

Oct 22
food with stethescope

Caring for those in need is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a nurse. You see patients when they are at their most vulnerable and you often help patients become stronger, healthier, and happier in your care. It's an awesome responsibility, but one that often leads you to neglect your own self care. 

Oct 13

As a staff nurse, you've become accustomed to your hospital, colleagues, and location. However, if the travel bug is biting or you think you may want to move but want to try out a location or two around the country, becoming a travel nurse might be exactly what you need to break out of your norm.

Sep 12
Woman with her phone taking picture of ocean

How many items of clothing do you own? 400? 500? If we add shoes to that list does it double your count?

If you’re considering becoming a travel nurse, either you’ve already thought about embracing minimalism (though you may not have called it that), or you’re trying to figure out how you will manage your personal belongings – an exercise that inevitably leads one to question how they ended up with so many possessions.

You are not alone.

Aug 4
History of FlexCare

When nurses decide to take their first travel assignment, they put their future in the hands of a recruiter, so trust must be the foundation of the relationship. All of us at FlexCare take that responsibility seriously. It started from our humble beginning back in 2006 when we decided to shake things up and do travel nursing better than anyone else.