Feb 2

Congratulations to Shelby Davis on becoming Recruitment Team Member of the Month! Learn more about how long Shelby has worked with FlexCare and what she loves about her job!

Jan 30
BBQ Spots for Traveling Nurses

There is only one thing we can think of after a 12-hour shift. Food. More specifically delicious Houston barbecue. Put the nursing shoes in the car, leave the skinny jeans at home and put on some joggers and a bib. It is time to feast!

Jan 27
only 13 weeks

Travel nursing is an interesting and exciting profession, allowing you to travel all over and learn more than you ever could in one place. It's a fascinating life and many nurses prefer it over a local position. Still, if you've never done it before, it can be intimidating. How do you stay away from home for weeks or months at a time? What if you don't know anyone? What if your living situation is less than ideal, or you don't get along with the staff, or the assignment location is not to your liking? How do you cope?

Jan 20
why hospitals use travel nurses

All across the nation, hospitals rely on travel nurses to fill out their staff. There are a variety of reasons to employ travel nurses, from convenience to necessity, and the mutually beneficial relationship is a definite perk. If you're wondering why hospitals choose to hire travel nurses, these are some of their motivations. 1) Travel nurses have great experience. Moving between different hospitals, teams, and situations means they know how to stay on their toes and operate in a variety of environments. They're flexible, quick-thinking, and fast learners.

Jan 18

Congratulations to Melissa Mohland on becoming Operations Team Member of the Month! Learn more about how long Melissa has worked with FlexCare and what she loves about her job!

Jan 6
Travel Nursing To-Dos

All of us here at FlexCare had a wonderful holiday season, and now we're refreshed and ready to tackle all the challenges 2017 has in store. There are bound to be some big changes in our world this year, so we are committed to remaining flexible and optimistic. In order to best serve our nurses and staff, we're looking forward to continue making our successful programs ever enhanced. As always, we'll continue to deliver Travel Nursing Done Better.

Jan 5
Change is Hard

We all know how the saying goes: New Year, New You. The start of a new year is a mental (and sometimes literal) clean slate. While the day itself may be arbitrary, using it as inspiration for self-improvement and forward momentum isn't a bad thing. Still, it's not a coincidence that most New Year's resolutions tend to go by the wayside pretty quickly. Change is hard! Lasting change is even harder

Dec 15
travel nursing

Have you been wondering what travel nursing is all about and if it's the right choice for you? Personally, we think it's always the right choice, but we suspect you'll need a little more to go on than that, so here are six reasons why you should start in travel nursing today.

Dec 13
Nurse Recruiter

My “Ah-ha” Moment Sally Keskey Before moving to the big city, I’d worked for several months at a rural hospital where, when it came to getting a job, you took what you could get. While nurses are in high demand in many places in the country, my home town was flush with new grads thanks to the excellent nursing school which was stationed there. While working at this hospital I learned a lot about the things I like about nursing-and the things that I didn’t. So, when I left that job to move on to something new, I was full of thoughts and ideas about what made a job right for me.