Jan 5
Change is Hard

We all know how the saying goes: New Year, New You. The start of a new year is a mental (and sometimes literal) clean slate. While the day itself may be arbitrary, using it as inspiration for self-improvement and forward momentum isn't a bad thing. Still, it's not a coincidence that most New Year's resolutions tend to go by the wayside pretty quickly. Change is hard! Lasting change is even harder

Dec 15
travel nursing

Have you been wondering what travel nursing is all about and if it's the right choice for you? Personally, we think it's always the right choice, but we suspect you'll need a little more to go on than that, so here are six reasons why you should start in travel nursing today.

Dec 13
Nurse Recruiter

My “Ah-ha” Moment Sally Keskey Before moving to the big city, I’d worked for several months at a rural hospital where, when it came to getting a job, you took what you could get. While nurses are in high demand in many places in the country, my home town was flush with new grads thanks to the excellent nursing school which was stationed there. While working at this hospital I learned a lot about the things I like about nursing-and the things that I didn’t. So, when I left that job to move on to something new, I was full of thoughts and ideas about what made a job right for me.

Dec 9
Do Nurses get Sick

When cold and flu season sets in (right about now), my non-nursing friends are keen to ask me how on earth we nurses manage to avoid getting sick when we’re literally surround by sick people, not to mention their bodily fluids, every single day. I tend to inform them that this is just another reason nurses are a cut above the rest; we’ve got immune systems made of steel and strong stomachs to match. But, that doesn’t really answer their question, especially if they’re hoping for a few tips for themselves. So do nurses get sick less often?

Nov 29
Traveling Nurses

If you've never experienced a New England fall, it's really a sight to behold. The leaves turn into vibrant splashes of color, from fire-engine red to warm gold to sunburst orange. People from all over the nation come to the Northeastern states to drive the roads and take in the foliage. Thousands of pictures are taken and shared every year. At least once in your lifetime, you must see it in person!

Nov 22
Traveling Nurses and Holidays

Between cooking accidents and Holiday related spikes in car accidents and alcohol-related injuries and illnesses, Thanksgiving is a big holiday on the hospital floor. There's plenty to keep nurses busy, and many hospitals request extra assistance from travel nurses during the height of the holiday season. Nurses do such important work caring for people, but sometimes it's hard to always be the person caring for others and not get your own time to rest and recuperate. This can be especially difficult during Thanksgiving when you're on assignment away from your friends and family.

Nov 21
Specialized Fields for Traveling Nurses

You worked hard to become a registered nurse, and we know you love the work you do. Wherever your interests lie, we hope you get to put them into practice every day. However, perhaps you're considering a nursing specialty. There are tons of options, but is one of them right for you? If you do want to get into a specialized field, how do you make the best choice? Here are a few things to consider.

Nov 11
Travel Nurse Networking

Travel nursing offers up a whole lot of potential experiences and opportunities, including the possibility of making great connections with other nurses and hospital personnel all over the country, all while advancing your career. Networking while on assignment isn't just a good way to stay connected for career opportunities, it's also an awesome way to make friends and find kindred spirits. Nurses share a special bond, and it's important to have friendly faces wherever you go for support or just a cup of coffee when you need to decompress.