Mar 23
Travel Nursing

Does it ever seem like some people are wired for change while others resist every step? When you think about Travel Nursing you may think it’s only full of those who find change exhilarating and exciting. While those might be the nurses that fall into the role easily, Travel Nursing is also an industry full of those who push through their nerves and fears and become Travel Nurses to drive themselves in new ways.

Are you thinking about taking the leap but unsure about your adaptability to change?

Mar 15
Travel Nurse Learned From Doctor

Because I worked as a travel nurse, I have dealt with many doctors throughout my career. When you start any assignment as a nurse, you learn quickly about the different doctors you will be working with. For example, this one never calls back right away; this one is very attentive with his patients; this physician rounds early every morning; etc.

Mar 2
Traveling Nurse Assignments

Sally Keskey Before I jumped into travel nursing I was given a temporary assignment performing physicals in a corporate setting. Not sure what I was getting into but wanting the compensation while I sorted out a longer assignment, I agreed to the gig and headed to work. What I realized immediately is that my nursing professors were right: there really are thousands of ways to be a nurse.

Feb 23
Long Shifts for Traveling Nurse

Decompressing After a Ridiculously Long Shift
Sally Keskey

It happens to all of us: While you’re wrapping up your shift by charting those few notes left uncharted, emptying Foley bags that are threatening to burst, and dreaming of your bed after what was a productive but harried shift, your supervisor approaches from the wings.

Feb 21
New Assignment Traveling Nurse

Packing is the worst. You have to figure out what you need, where you'll put it and how to fit it all into the least amount of luggage possible. If you're going on a travel nurse assignment you need to figure out how many seasons to pack for and what other household necessities you’ll need to bring. Will you be flying with a few bags, or driving with several? How can you bring all the necessary items without overloading yourself? How will you find the time to get everything packed?

Feb 17
Traveling Nurse Recruiter

The experiencing of working with a recruiter is different for everyone but in the end they all have the same job: get us working in a position as a registered nurse that best fits our skills, desires, and needs.

Your recruiter knows that it’s in their best interest to find a job that fits you just right. Being open and honest with your recruiter is the easiest way to make sure that this happens.

Feb 16

Going on travel nursing assignments opens a lot of doors, career-wise and experience-wise. You get to see places you may have never seen before, work with people you'd never have met otherwise, and learn how a variety of medical facilities operate. You'll have new experiences and expand your skill set in every new location. With all these benefits, it's easy to make the argument for picking up as many assignments as you can, but that doesn't mean it'll be a breeze. When you're on assignment, sometimes your social life takes a hit.

Feb 6

So you ended up in Phoenix for your travel nursing gig? Was it your first choice or did you take the assignment for reasons other than location? We’ve listed out three reasons why Travel Nursing in Phoenix is the best!

Feb 3
Valentines Day as a Travel Nurse

When you're on a travel nursing assignment, you might feel a little lonely on certain days, and Valentine's Day may be high on the list. If you have a significant other, you're probably missing them. If you don't, you may be feeling pretty bah-humbug about the whole thing. Totally understandable! But rather than feeling down and missing the people you care about, why not treat yourself and make it a special day anyway?