May 9
Travel nurse embodies the spirit of nursing

Mickel, a CVICU RN and a FlexCare travel nurse since 2016, is the recipient of our 2019 Spirit of Nursing Award. This award honors the nurse who consistently provides exceptional patient care while being a positive influence on the lives of those around them.


May 8
Healthcare Hero Award: this travel nurse knows adventure

Christopher, an ICU RN, has been named FlexCare's 2019 Greatest Adventurer! What makes Christopher our top Adventurer? He embraces the travel nurse lifestyle and seeks memorable adventures not just in the assignments he chooses, but also in his free time. Living in an RV, moving around California, traveling every chance he gets (even taking dramatic videos with his drone), and spreading good vibes along the way makes Christopher our hands-down favorite!


May 7

At FlexCare, we believe there's no better way to encourage nurses to choose a career as a travel nurse than through a referral. Stephanie (shown here on the right), a CVICU RN from Florida, is being honored as FlexCare's 2019 Greatest Family Member for sending her recruiter the most completed referrals for 2018.


May 6
2019 Healthcare Heroes Award Road Warrior

Michael, a Med/Surg RN from South Carolina, has more than earned the FlexCare 2019 Road Warrior Award. A FlexCare Road Warrior is a nurse who has logged the most assignments and miles in the previous year, and this travel nurse embraced the road trip lifestyle.


Michael traveled to five states in 2018, starting out in North Carolina. He then headed west to Arizona and Texas, then back to the East Coast with an assignment in New Hampshire, and then Maryland. Whew!


Mar 18
FlexCare travel nurse with Levine Children's Hospital patient

On Thursday, March 7th, 2019, FlexCare once again donated four specially-designed mobile gaming stations, known as “GO Karts,” to another exceptional children’s hospital on behalf of our healthcare travelers. With a new East Coast office in Charlotte, North Carolina, we continued our commitment to serving our local communities by selecting Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte as the recipient of this year’s gift.


Feb 5
Travel nurse hiking in Arizona

Christine, a FlexCare Med-Surg/Tele RN and recent featured Tuesday Traveler, doesn't have challenges finding the good in each assignment. Currently working in Arizona, Christine is not shy about grabbing her camera to explore an area. Her motto, "Life is an adventure. Take risks," is the epitome of a positive traveler mindset. We caught up with her to find out why she decided on this career and what she believes is something she must bring with her on any assignment.

Jan 15
travel nurse with hot air balloon

The most successful travelers are those who can embrace adventure, go with the flow, and forge relationships with people they meet along the way. Making the leap to become a traveler takes a ton of guts and an absolute faith in your skills, but the rewards are plentiful.

We share stories about our nurse and allied travelers to provide a glimpse into the unique lifestyle. Like everything, the experience of being a traveler is whatever you make of it. 


Jan 2
group of healthcare professionals


As a travel nurse or clinician, keeping up with the changes in your practice can be challenging at best. We've compiled a list of events and conferences that seek to enhance any healthcare professional’s skills, knowledge, and career opportunities. So, whether you’re a nurse, speech therapist, respiratory therapist, or other allied clinician, there's likely something for you. 




Dec 28
travel nurse smiling pulling suitcase

You've landed in a new city, you're sitting in a new rental or in your motorhome, and you have no idea where to start. No worries! We've provided links to some of our most traveled destinations to help you better understand the good, the bad, and the blissfully insane of the place you'll call home for the next 13 weeks.


This is your opportunity to play Dora the Explorer. Now, get out there and get acquainted with your temporary turf!