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I've never been a traveler. How do I get started?

Becoming a travel nurse, therapist, or allied clinician is an exciting endeavor and a great career. Check out our Info Center to learn more, then connect with one of our S1NGLEPOINT recruiters and you'll be on your way to your first assignment.


Am I required to have two years of experience?

For travel nurses, we strongly suggest that you develop at least two years of experience in an acute care setting. However, the amount of experience required can depend on the specialty, facility, and the urgency of need so it's best to speak with a FlexCare S1NGLEPOINT recruiter for information on a specific assignment.


Can I travel with my spouse and children?

Yes! We have travelers with infants, teens, spouses who work remotely, are retired, or who are also travelers. It takes a little more planning and some creative thinking, but the travel life can work for families. Read how one FlexCare family makes it work.


How long does it take to get an assignment?

Once we have your profile complete and your information has been submitted to a facility, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks – it depends on the facility and the assignment. Make sure that you respond to questions from your S1NGLEPOINT recruiter as quickly as possible. They’re experts at building profiles so providing them with the information they need will help position you above other candidates.


What should I know before I accept an assignment?

Your recruiter will give you all the details on the facility, location, pay package, and answer any other questions you have before submitting your profile to a facility. We want you to be comfortable with your decision to apply at a specific location so that once an offer comes in, you're ready to take it. The last thing you want to do is cancel an offer once you've already given a verbal acceptance. 


Will there be an orientation?

Yes, but the scope will vary. As a traveler, you are helping a facility fill a vital staffing need. The expectation is that you come prepared to hit the ground running, but you will also receive an orientation. How extensive it is will depend on the facility. Read our orientation tips for more information from our director of clinical services.


Does FlexCare pay travel expenses?

Pay packages are customizable. How you choose to structure your pay is ultimately up to you, but we find that most travel nurses, therapists, and allied professionals choose to take the maximum cash versus having some held from each paycheck for travel expenses.

At FlexCare, we're giving you the best pay package right out of the gate without you having to “negotiate” for it. Through our exclusive and transparent Hassle-Free Pay, we offer you the maximum pay package for every position, every time, right from the start. 

Transparency is key when it comes to pay packages. It means that you and FlexCare are aligned and focused on finding a great assignment.


Does FlexCare provide housing or help me find housing?

Yes! FlexCare can provide housing or we can assist you in finding something that works for you. There are many options when it comes to housing and your FlexCare recruiter can help you find appropriate housing in your assignment location.

Whether it’s Airbnb, a private landlord, apartment complex, RV, or anything in between, FlexCare travel nurses have taken advantage of some great housing options. Check out our Info Center: Moving Day and Beyond for links to our top housing resources.


Will you submit me for jobs without my knowledge?

Under no circumstances will we submit you for any assignment without first checking with you. Your S1NGLEPOINT recruiter will get to know your goals and help you find a great assignment that aligns with those goals. It’s all about transparency and integrity – both are integral to building a strong and lasting relationship with you. 


What if I run into problems on assignment?

At FlexCare, we’re focused on building relationships with our travel nurses, therapists, and allied clinicians, and facilities, so we pride ourselves on our award-winning service commitment. At the core of that commitment is our exclusive S1NGLEPOINT service offer.

S1NGLEPOINT means that your recruiter will be your single point of contact at FlexCare. They manage all your assignment details and answer questions personally. Your recruiter is an easy-to-reach person you can call for everything from finding the ideal position to identifying housing options and managing compliance documentation. They’ll be by your side with regular check-ins throughout your assignment. They also perform weekly payroll audits to ensure your check is accurate before payday.

In addition, FlexCare's Clinical Service Team is available to speak with our clinicians to help them navigate the more challenging aspects of traveling healthcare, such as patient safety concerns, high ratios, etc. Always just an email or call away, the Clinical Service Team is responsible for ensuring our travelers have the necessary support, resources, and education to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Are you a current traveler looking for support from our Clinical Services Team? Contact your S1NGLEPOINT Recruiter to get connected!

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