Travel Healthcare FAQs

Whether you are a new traveler or preparing for your first assignment with FlexCare, we've compiled everything you need to know as a travel nurse, allied clinician, or therapist.

I've never been a traveler. How do I get started?

Becoming a nursing, therapy, or allied health traveler is an exciting endeavor and a great career move. Check out our Info Center to learn more, then connect with one of our S1NGLEPOINT Recruiters, and you'll be on your way to your first assignment.

Am I required to have two years of experience?

For travel nurses, we suggest that you have at least two years of experience in an acute care setting. For allied health travelers, although two years is best, requirements will vary based on modality. Essentially, the required experience can depend on the specialty and facility, so it's best to speak with a FlexCare S1NGLEPOINT Recruiter for information on a specific assignment.

Can I travel with my family?

Yes! Many travelers enjoy their adventures with spouses or partners who work remotely, are retired, or are also healthcare travelers. While it takes a bit more creative planning to travel with children, many clinicians enjoy travel life with children of all ages and make incredible memories with their families along the way.

Can I travel with my pet?

Absolutely! Travel nurses and allied health travelers bring their furry friends along on assignment all the time. Check out our Tips for Traveling With Your Dog for the inside scoop from FlexCare travelers.

How long does it take to get an assignment?

Once your profile is complete and your information has been submitted to a facility, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks – it just depends on the facility, specific assignment, and how many total active submissions you have. To help expedite the process, ensure that you respond to questions from your S1NGLEPOINT Recruiter as quickly as possible throughout the entire process. They are experts at building profiles and matching you to jobs that will help accomplish your goals. Quickly providing your recruiter with the necessary information will help position you above other candidates. 

What should I know before I accept an assignment?

Your recruiter will provide you with all the details on the facility, location, and pay package and answer any other questions you have before submitting your profile to a facility. We want you to be comfortable with your decision to apply for an assignment so that you're excited and ready to accept an offer as soon as it comes in.

Will there be an orientation?

Yes, but the scope will vary. As a traveler, you are helping a facility fill a vital staffing need, so they expect you to hit the ground running. You will receive an orientation, but the extent will depend on the facility. For more information, check out our orientation tips from FlexCare's Vice President of Clinical Services.

Does FlexCare pay travel expenses?

Pay packages are customizable. How you choose to structure your pay is up to you. Check out our Pay Package FAQs for more information.

Does FlexCare provide housing or help me find accommodations?

Yes! When you travel with FlexCare, you have a couple of options:

Corporate Housing: This option means FlexCare will choose your housing and arrange payments. With corporate housing, we select the nearest extended stay type housing, but you will not be eligible for the tax-exempt Housing Stipend. Also, please note that choosing corporate housing will reduce your weekly pay, as the housing payments are deducted from your initial "pot of money."

Choose Your Housing with the Tax-Exempt Housing Stipend: By selecting your own housing, you will get the full allotment of tax-exempt money to choose whichever accommodations work best for you. Historically, most FlexCare travelers elect this option because they appreciate the flexibility both in how much money they spend on housing and the variety of housing options to select from. Not sure where to start? Check out our housing tips blog to learn more about what options are available for you.

Learn more about Tax-Exempt Stipends and housing payments on the Pay Package FAQ page.

Will you submit me for jobs without my knowledge?

Under no circumstances will FlexCare submit you for an assignment without your knowledge. Your S1NGLEPOINT Recruiter will get to know your goals and help you find an excellent assignment that aligns with those goals. It's all about transparency and integrity, though – both are integral to building a solid and lasting relationship between your recruiter and you that will help to foster the growth of your travel career.

What if I experience problems on my travel assignment?

At FlexCare, we focus on building relationships with our nursing, therapy, and allied health travelers and pride ourselves on our award-winning service commitment. At the core of that commitment is our exclusive S1NGLEPOINT service offer.

S1NGLEPOINT means that your recruiter will be your single point of contact at FlexCare. They manage all your assignment details and answer questions personally. Your recruiter is an easy-to-reach person you can call for everything from finding the ideal position to identifying housing options and managing compliance documentation. They'll be by your side with regular check-ins throughout your assignment. They also perform weekly payroll audits to ensure your check is accurate before payday.

In addition, FlexCare's Clinical Service Team is available to speak with our clinicians to help them navigate the more challenging aspects of being a healthcare traveler, such as patient safety concerns, staffing ratios, etc.

Are you a current traveler looking for support from our Clinical Services Team? Contact your S1NGLEPOINT Recruiter to get connected!