Jun 25

FlexCare is honored to have received 40 industry awards since 2011! 



Jun 17
Travel nurse getting kissed by a giraffe

With nine assignments under his belt, we asked veteran traveler Chris M., an ICU nurse currently on assignment in California, to share his philosophy and advice on how to embrace the unique travel nurse life.


The wisdom he imparts is valuable for all of us to incorporate in our busy lives – whether we’re travelers or not.


Jun 13

At FlexCare, we do our best to ensure that you have a full and complete understanding of the process, your contract, and your assigned facility. Transparency plays a vital role in maintaining a strong relationship with you, and it all begins with knowing what's needed to become a phenomenal travel nurse.


Jun 11
Travel nurse car packed for road trip

Before you start packing for your ultimate road trip to your new travel nurse, therapy, or allied career, make sure you have all the information you need so that you're as prepared as possible. We've placed thousands of travelers in facilities around the country and they always ask great questions.


We've compiled the top five questions we get from new travelers. Read through them to better understand the process and the profession, then, connect with your FlexCare recruiter if you have questions. 


May 29

The life of a travel nurse is nomadic, to say the least, but it's also very busy, so when we get the opportunity to hear directly from one of our nurses, we love to pass along their wisdom to our community.

We caught up recently with FlexCare traveler Ryan and his dog Solo. Ryan is currently on assignment in the Northern California town of Fort Bragg - an ideal setting for a new traveler. If you're considering a career as a travel nurse, read Ryan's story and find how he makes it work and what he believes is essential to embrace as a traveler.


May 23
Travel nurse family visits FlexCare home office

If there's one thing we love at FlexCare it's the opportunity to spend time with our travelers, so when we heard that Justin, a FlexCare nurse, and his family were in town, we jumped at the chance to meet them and find out how these Michigan natives make a home on the road.


What we discovered about this exceptional family of five is that a healthy sense of adventure and shared experiences more than make up for the lack of “stuff” that most of us accumulate. In addition, traveling with the kiddos is much easier now that most states offer K-12 classes online.


May 17
FlexCare nurse travel team with their dog

Meet Laura and Tommy – and their adorable dog Meatball – a team of travel nurses who met while working at a Level I Trauma Center. Three years ago they decided to become a travel team with FlexCare Medical Staffing, so we asked this dynamic duo a few questions about their experience as travel nurses and they generously offered to share their story. To read about their life together is to better understand

May 12
Greatest Nurse Hero Thomas C

The FlexCare Healthcare Heroes Awards recognize and celebrate those healthcare professionals who stand out as exceptional FlexCare travelers. FlexCare’s Greatest Nurse Hero is a FlexCare nurse who did something phenomenal that was outside the scope of normal duties. 

May 11
Healthcare Hero Award: FlexCare Greatest Assignment Ace

The FlexCare Healthcare Hero Awards recognize and celebrate those healthcare professionals who stand out as exceptional FlexCare travelers. The Greatest Assignment Ace is a FlexCare nurse who has successfully completed the most assignments and done so with the utmost professionalism.